Install Trim Kit Frame. KitchenAid KMCS522PPS

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Install Trim Kit Frame. KitchenAid KMCS522PPS | Manualzz

Install Trim Kit Frame

1. Position trim kit frame over the opening so that the upper tabs fit inside the rails, as shown.

2. To vertically center the trim kit frame, slide it upward, against the opening, until the upper tabs catch against the top of the rails.

3. Holding the trim kit frame firmly in place, use 7/64" drill to drill four pilot holes into the front facing of the cutout/cabinet through the mounting hole guides in the upper and lower corners of the trim kit frame.


The holes will be drilled upward from the bottom, and downward from the top at an angle of about 45°.

4. Secure trim kit frame to cutout/cabinet by installing four long wood screws (painted) into the pilot holes drilled in Step 3 above.


To ensure vertical centering, install the lower screws first.

To avoid damage to the trim kit frame, do not overtighten screws.

Installation is now complete. Replace any loose items that have been removed from microwave oven cavity.

Save these Installation Instructions for future reference.


A. Mounting hole guide

B. 93# Screws (4 painted)

C. TK Frame

D. Cabinet


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