Controls And Settings. Frigidaire FDPC4314AW, FDPC4314AS, FDPC4314AB

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Controls And Settings. Frigidaire FDPC4314AW, FDPC4314AS, FDPC4314AB | Manualzz



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Your dishwasher uses a DishSense TM

Technology to understand how much food is on the dishes and then adjusts the cycle accordingly.


Property Damage Hazard

Before starting dishwasher be sure that the water is connected and turned on.

Failure to do so may cause damage to the pump seal and result in water leakage.


The dishwasher is programmed to remember your last cycle so you do not have to reset each time. To start the dishwasher using the same cycle and options selected on the previous wash, just press the START/CANCEL pad.

Recommended Cycle for typical use:

The Normal cycle with its factory default options of normal temperature and heated dry together provide the best all around performance. This cycle selection is recommended for everyday use and is suitable for a large range of both dish load sizes and food quantities remaining on those dishes.


Not all cycles and options available on all models.

Option Selections



Wash Cycle Selections:

Cycle times are approximate and will vary with options selected.

Hot water is necessary to activate dishwasher detergent and melt fatty food soils. An automatic sensor will check the incoming water temperature and, if it is not hot enough, the cycle will be lengthened for automatic water heating in the main wash and final rinse of all cycles. This happens even when

High temp wash option has not been selected. When High temp wash is selected, an even higher temperature will be reached to handle heavier soil loads.


The programmed cycles default to the Normal cycle option, to choose

Sanitize or High, press the Temp pad.

Sanitize Option

To sanitize your dishes and glassware, select Sanitize option.

When selected, the light will come on and remain on until end of cycle.

The water temperature in the final rinse will be raised to 155 o F (68 o C) and will maintain that temperature for 9 minutes. This option is available in Heavy and Normal Cycles. Only these sanitization cycles have been designed to meet NSF requirements.

The cycle time will be extended until the proper water temperature is reached. Washing action will continue during the water heating delay. For best results, the incoming water temperature should be at least

120 o F (49 o C).

The sanitize criteria may not be satisfied if there is an interruption of the cycle, power failure or if the incoming water temperature is below 120 o F (49 o C).

To turn off the Sanitize option, press the Temp pad a second time. The light beside the Sanitize pad will turn off.


High Temp Option

When the High Temp option is selected, the dishwasher heats water in the main wash to approximately

155 o F (68 o C).

This increase in water temperature helps the dishwasher detergent remove food grease and soil from dishes more effectively and aids in improved drying performance.

When the High Temp option is selected, the High Temp indicator illuminates and remains on until the end of the cycle. To turn off the High

Temp option, press the Temp pad to select a different temperature option.

Max Dry

When the Max Dry option is selected, the dishwasher extends drying time by approximately 20 minutes. The Max Dry option can be used with all cycles except. For best drying performance, also apply an increased wash temperature by selecting High Temp or even better, the Sanitize option.

The energy required to use the Max

Dry option costs pennies per cycle.

You may choose not to select the

Max Dry option; however you may have items in your dish load that will not be completely dry at the end of the cycle.

Heat Dry

The Heat Dry option in combination with rinse aid will enhance drying performance. The energy required to use the Heat Dry option costs pennies per cycle; however you will have items in your dish load that will not be completely dry at the end of the cycle.

Select the Normal Wash and High

Temp Wash Option along with a

Rinse Aid agent for improved drying performance.






Delay Time

The Delay Start option allows you to automatically delay starting your dishwasher for 4 hours.

To activate delay start option for 4 hour delay, press and hold the Dry pad for 3 seconds. A light will come on indicating the delay start hours and will remain on until cycle starts. Press the START/CANCEL pad to start the delay option. If the delay option is interrupted, press the START/CANCEL pad again to return to the delay option.

To cancel the Delay Start option and begin the cycle before the delay period is over, press and hold the

START/CANCEL pad for 3 seconds.

Start/Cancel Button

When cycle and options are selected, LEDs of selected cycle and options are illuminated. The status window displays the cycle time.

To start the cycle, press START/

CANCEL pad and close the dishwasher door immediately.

You can cancel a cycle anytime during the cycle. Press and hold the START/CANCEL pad for 3 seconds. The light beside the cycle and option selected will go out, the

START/CANCEL light will remain illuminated, the dishwasher will start a 90 second drain. At the end of the drain, select the next desired cycle.

Status indicator Lights

When the Sanitize option is selected, the Sanitized light will glow when the Sanitize cycle is finished. If the dishwasher did not properly sanitize the dishes, the light will not come on. This can happen if the cycle is interrupted.

The light will remain on until the door is opened.

The Clean light will come on at the end of cycle and remain on until the door is opened.


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Key Features

  • Precision Direct Wash System for thorough cleaning
  • Energy efficient motors for reduced energy consumption
  • NSF certified for use in residential settings
  • Quiet operation for a more peaceful kitchen environment
  • Heated dry option for faster drying times
  • Adjustable racks for accommodating dishes of various sizes
  • Delay start feature for added convenience
  • Child lock for safety
  • Sanitize option for eliminating bacteria

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What should I do if I need assistance with my dishwasher?
You can visit, chat with an agent, or call 1-800-374-4432 (1-800-265-8352 in Canada).
Is it safe to place plastics in the dishwasher?
Yes, as long as they are marked "Dishwasher Safe" or equivalent. If not, they may melt.
What is the best cycle for everyday use?
The Normal cycle with the factory default options of normal temperature and heated dry.
How do I prevent accidental entrapment or suffocation?
Before discarding or stopping the use of a dishwasher, remove the door or door latch mechanism.
Is the dishwasher designed to operate with regular house current?
Yes, it operates on 120V, 60Hz with a 15-ampere fuse or circuit breaker (20-ampere fuse if connected with a food disposer).
What safety precautions should I take when unloading the dishwasher after using the Sanitize option?
Use caution, as the contents may be hot to the touch.