Starting up for the first time. Miele KWT 2671 ViS

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Starting up for the first time. Miele KWT 2671 ViS | Manualzz

Initial commissioning

Starting up for the first time

 Open the appliance door.

 Switch the wine conditioning unit on by pressing the on/off switch.

The on/off switch is located below the display.

The wine conditioning unit will start to cool and the interior lighting will come on when the appliance door is opened.

Miele will appear in the wine conditioning unit display.

 When you switch the wine conditioning unit on for the first time, you will be asked to make the following settings:

– Set the  Language

(if you accidentally select the wrong  Language , return to Settings mode   and use the   symbol to change the language)

– Set the  Temperature unit :

°C (degrees Celsius) or °F (degrees


– Set up Miele@home :

 Select Continue if you wish to set up

Miele@home now (to do this, follow the instructions under “ Miele@home ” in “Selecting additional settings”).

 Select Skip if you would prefer to set up Miele@home later.

 Use the   and   sensor controls to select the right setting and select OK to confirm your selection.

 Touch the   sensor control if you want to return to the previous menu level.

Set-up successful will appear on the display.

 Confirm the start-up process with

OK .

The main screen will appear on the display (see “Main screen” in “Appliance description”).

You cannot terminate the initial startup process. The only way to terminate the process is to switch off the wine conditioning unit, though the process will continue when the appliance is switched back on.



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Key Features

  • Built-in 91 bottle(s) Number of temperature zones: 3 Black
  • Number of shelves: 10 Number of doors: 1
  • Wine cooler net capacity: 361 L
  • 42 dB
  • 171 kWh
  • Built-in display Interior light Temperature alarm

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