The optimum temperature. Miele KWT 2671 ViS

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The optimum temperature. Miele KWT 2671 ViS | Manualzz

The ideal temperature and humidity

Wine keeps on maturing depending on the surrounding conditions. The length of time for which wine can be kept in good condition will therefore depend not only on the temperature but also on the air quality.

The wine conditioning unit with its constant ideal temperature, increased air humidity and odour free atmosphere offers the perfect conditions for storing your wine.

It also guarantees a vibration-free environment (in contrast to a refrigerator) so that the maturing process is not disturbed.

The optimum temperature

Wine can be stored at a temperature between 6 and 18 °C. If you are storing white and red wines together, select a temperature between 12 and 14 °C.

This is suitable for both white and red wines. Red wine should be taken out of the wine conditioning unit and opened at least two hours before drinking to allow it to breathe and develop its aroma.

At too high a temperature (over 22 °C) wine matures too quickly, which prevents the aromas from developing further. Wine cannot mature fully at too low a temperature (below 5 °C).

Fluctuations in temperature put wine under stress and interrupt the maturing process. It is therefore very important to maintain a constant temperature.

Type of wine

Light, fruity reds:

Full-bodied reds:

Rosé wines:

Delicate, aromatic whites:

Full-bodied or sweet whites:

Champagne, sparkling white wines, Prosecco:

Recommended drinking temperature*

+14 °C to +16 °C

+18 °C

+8 °C to +10 °C

+8 °C to +12 °C

+12 °C to +14 °C

+6 °C to +10 °C

* Store the wine 1 or 2 °C cooler than the recommended drinking temperature as it warms up a little when poured into the glass.

Tip: Full-bodied reds should be opened for 2-3 hours before drinking to allow the wine to breathe and develop its aroma.

Isolator plates for thermal separation

The wine conditioning unit has 2 fixed isolator plates that divide the interior cabinet into 3 zones, which can be conditioned in different ways. This means that you can store up to 3 different types of wine at the same time – for example, red wine, white wine and champagne.



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Key Features

  • Built-in 91 bottle(s) Number of temperature zones: 3 Black
  • Number of shelves: 10 Number of doors: 1
  • Wine cooler net capacity: 361 L
  • 42 dB
  • 171 kWh
  • Built-in display Interior light Temperature alarm

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