SELF TEST. Epson C823121, C823121 (LocalTalk), C82312

SELF TEST. Epson C823121, C823121 (LocalTalk), C82312 | Manualzz


The C82312* interface card has one jumper used for selecting the self-test function.




The jumper is a small terminal used for connecting or disconnecting a circuit. The jumper is on when the plug covers both wires of the terminal. Jumper settings can be changed by either attaching or removing the rectangular jumper plug. If the jumper is to be turned off, connect it to just one of the two terminal pins. By doing this, you can avoid losing the unused jumper plug.


Self-test printing

When the jumper is OFF, the interface card operates normally. When the jumper is ON, the printer starts selftest printing. The printout is always truncated at 80 columns.

To stop self-test printing, turn the printer power off and set the interface card jumper to the OFF position.


OFF (open) ON (closed)


The self-test printing function is not available for EPSON

Page printers in PostScript™ mode. In this case, always leave the self-test jumper in its original position (OFF).

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