1.6 Shock and Vibration. Fujitsu C141-E090-02EN

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1.6 Shock and Vibration. Fujitsu C141-E090-02EN | Manualzz


Shock and Vibration

Table 1.6 lists the shock and vibration specification.

Table 1.6

Shock and vibration specification

Vibration (swept sine, one octave per minute)

• Operating

• Non-operating

Shock (half-sine pulse, Operating)

• 2 ms duration

• 11 ms duration

Shock (half-sine pulse, Non-operating)

• 2 ms duration

• 11 ms duration

5 to 300 Hz, 0.5G-0-peak

(without non-recovered errors)

5 to 400 Hz, 4G-0-peak (no damage)

30G (without non-recovered error)

10G (without non-recovered error)

250G (Typical, no damage)

75G (No damage)




Mean time between failures (MTBF)

The mean time between failures (MTBF) is 500,000 POH (power on hours) or more

(operation: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week).

This does not include failures occurring during the first three months after installation.

MTBF is defined as follows:


Total operation time in all fields number of device failure in all fields


"Disk drive defects" refers to defects that involve repair, readjustment, or replacement. Disk drive defects do not include failures caused by external factors, such as damage caused by handling, inappropriate operating environments, defects in the power supply host system, or interface cable.

(2) Mean time to repair (MTTR)

The mean time to repair (MTTR) is 30 minutes or less, if repaired by a specialist maintenance staff member.

(3) CSS cycle

The number of CSS must be less than 40,000.

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