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Parts supplied for ins:allation: base grille miscellaneous parts bag

Check l-hat all part, were nc ludetl

Product/Property Damage l

Do Not lower the refrigerator against the shipping base when removing the shipping base. l

Do Not remove protective film until refrigerator is in operating position. l

All four leveling legs must contact the floor to support and stabilize the full weight of the refrigerator. l

Keep cardboard shipping piece or plywood under refrigerator until it is installed in operating position.

Failure to follow these instructions may cause damage to product olr floor covering.

Remove and save literature


. package and parts bag taped to refrigerator door. Remove four brackets (two on each side) attaching shipping base to refrigerator bottorn.

Do Not remove tape and door bracing until product is secured in final location. See Page 3.

Personal Injury Hazard l

Because of the weight and size of the refrigerator, two or more people are required to install it. l

Most of the refrigerator’s weight is at the top. Extra care is needed when moving the refrigerator to prevent tipping.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in personal injury.

Place sections of shipping carton


. on the floor when rolling dolly and refrigerator into the house. Move refrigerator close to built-in opening.


Set*power switc at top of cabinet to “OFF” position.

Plug power supply cord into grounded outlet.

Install retainer on grounded outlet using screw from parts bag.


Place top of cardboard

. carton or plywood under refrigerator. Remove dolly. Open appliance doors and remove all boxes, parts packages and packing materials from refrigerator and freezer compartments. protective film.

Do Not remove

Move the refrigerator straight back and evenly into the opening. Check that: l copper tubing is not kinked. l power supply cord is on top of refrigerator next to cover. l/4” (6 mm) compression nut

I \ \

(6 mm) union

Ye l/4” (6 mm) compression nut

I l/4”

(6 mm) sleeve



Slide a compression nut and sleeve on open end of each copper line. Use a copper tubing union to connect both copper lines.

Do Not overtighten.

Turn water supply valve to “OPEN” position. Turn refrigerator switch

“ON.” Wait a few minutes. Check water line connection and water valve on top of cabinet for leaks. Without kinking the tubing, carefully place it back underneath cabinet. corner of

Insert carton corner posts between strap and refrigerator at side trim pieces and handles. Carefully tighten strap making sure side trim and handles are protected.

Paae 8

Check that water supply line has been flushed. See Page 7.

Pull copper line from refrigerator


. water valve and copper line from plumbing forward from underneath refrigerator. Remove cap from water line.

Filler panel re uired if - than l/4”

(6 mm) thick.

If panels are more than l/4” (6 mm) thick, route panel edges on all sides. nylon / washers

(discard) door

IGcorative handle- panel


. Remove all taDe and door bracinq from refrigerator and freezer doors.

Remove screws attaching handles to door frames. Discard nylon washers underneath screws. Slide decorative door panels into door frames.

If panels are less than l/4” (6 mm) thick, install a filler panel between door and decorative panel.

If panels are more than l/4” (6 mm) thick, route panel edges on all sides. assembiy top grille are atigned and teveJ,

lf4~~~s iwsd ta be adjusted kbr fight or bl or out,

bmen’&e 3/S” (9 mm) hex hwfid screws in the tap hinge5

# dptws md to be adjusted

up or


loosen the 3/8

(9 rnmi~ hex head screws in the b&torn hinges.

Adju$t doors. Tighten screws. ftimk that doors are aligned and levei.

Remove door stop set screw

located in top and bottcvn hinges using a f-7 4 Tom wrench.

Hotd door in the desired position and replrace ~?t crews. I# door does not clear countertop after door stop has been adjusted, countertops may need to be


14 .

Slide top grille decorative panel assembly up and off top grille assembly. Release the two tethers holding the decorative panel to the top grille assembly.

Page 9

Top view top grille decorative panel assembly,


(62 cm) max. two small screws and panel side trim from one side of the decorative panel assembly to allow insertion of your

--- custom panel. Reassemble the side trim, screws, and tethers in reverse order. Reinstall decorative panel assembly and pull down to secure.

If side panels are not used,


. go to Step 17.

If built-in area depth is 25” (63.5 cm) or more, side panels can be installed inside the side trim or attached to the outside of the side trim:

L l

Outside side trim piece:

Drill 6 equally spaced holes into side trim piece.

Do Not drill into side of appliance.

Attach a support board to trim piece. Nail front and rear edges of side panel to support boards. Cover front support board with a matching panel piece.

Top view

\ rear wall

\ support board

Top view


- side panel

Open appliance doors and


. remove protective film from door frame. Recheck water connections at bottom of refrigerator for leaks.

Attach bottom grille to cabinet with two screws. Install shelves and bins in refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Set refrigerator and freezer


. compartment controls to the midpoint between “COLD” and

“COLDEST.” Check that the compressor is operating properly and that all five lights are working. side trim

24- door



(62 ;m) max. l

Inside side trim piece:

Slide front edge of routed side panel into trim piece. Nail rear edge of panel to support board.

If built-in area depth is less than

25” (63.5 cm), complete side panel installation according to site restrictions. (One method is to install a support nailer on the built-in opening rear wall. Drill holes into side trim. Then attach wood support to trim. Attach side panel to wood support and support nailer. Cover wood support with a matching panel piece.)

Part No. 2004022

0 1995 KitchenAid.

8 KitchenAid. Registered trademark of KitchenAid.



Prepared by KitchenAid, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085

Printed in U.S.A.

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