TOSHIBA Quality Is Second to None. Toshiba e-STUDIO206, e-STUDIO166, e-STUDIO 206, e-studio 166

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TOSHIBA Quality Is Second to None. Toshiba e-STUDIO206, e-STUDIO166, e-STUDIO 206, e-studio 166 | Manualzz

TOSHIBA Quality Is Second to None

Recommended toner cartridges

To assure optimal printing performance, we recommend that you use TOSHIBA toner cartridges.

If you use a TOSHIBA-recommended toner cartridge, you can utilize the following two check functions of this equipment:

Cartridge detecting function:

This function checks if the toner cartridge is correctly installed and notifies you if it is not.

Toner remaining check function:

This function notifies you when there is little toner remaining in the cartridge.

Any copying or printing operation is available even if you are using a toner cartridge other than the one we recommend. In that case, however, the equipment cannot detect whether the toner cartridge is installed or not and therefore the toner lamp is lit even if the toner cartridge is correctly installed. You cannot utilize the toner remaining check function either.

If you are using a toner cartridge other than the one we recommend and you feel annoyed by this lighting lamp, contact your service representative. Your service technician will cancel the cartridge detecting function set by default. Remember once this function has been cancelled, you will not be able to utilize the two functions mentioned above even if you change the cartridge to the one we recommend.

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Supplies / Parts


Genuine TOSHIBA supplies are subjected to the strictest of inspections so that every supply you receive will perform at optimal levels.

High Productivity

Genuine TOSHIBA supplies are created to meet the demands of our competitive world and provide high-speed reliable copies when you need them.

Stable Image Quality

Genuine TOSHIBA supplies are designed to provide consistently stable image output.

Copier Friendly Supplies

Genuine TOSHIBA supplies are designed to help to keep the equipment and all its parts in trouble-free working order. Reduction of machine wear is due to TOSHIBA’s intimate knowledge of the equipment’s characteristics ensuring the highest standard of care.

Perfectly Suited Supplies

From the beginning TOSHIBA supplies and machines were made for each other. Whenever

TOSHIBA designs a new machine, it also designs a new toner that is made just for that machine. By using genuine TOSHIBA supplies with TOSHIBA equipment, you are guaranteed optimum performance.


Optimum Image Quality

TOSHIBA toner is manufactured using ultra-fine quality materials under precisely controlled conditions to ensure that your TOSHIBA equipment will continually generate sharp high-quality images.

Cost Advantage

Genuine TOSHIBA toner provides value. Only the proper amount of toner is used during the reproduction process, thereby enabling the machine to continue to operate until all the toner has been used. In this way you get the full value from each cartridge used.

Environmental Harmony

Genuine TOSHIBA toner is manufactured with the environment in mind. To protect our planet for the benefit of future generations, we use embossed or plastic labels making our toner cartridges fully recyclable. In addition, dust and ozone levels have been reduced to improve the working environment.

User Friendly

Before approving our toners for sale, we test them to be sure that they pass the strictest of health standards. This takes all the worry out of handling the toner.


Service and Support Benefits

TOSHIBA’s Service technicians are certified to keep your equipment performing at optimum levels. To ensure continuous image quality, utilize an authorized TOSHIBA Service provider to care for and perform periodical maintenance on your equipment.

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