About USB Drives. HP (Hewlett-Packard) 8210E, 8200E

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About USB Drives. HP (Hewlett-Packard) 8210E, 8200E | Manualzz

About USB Drives

Device Performance

USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices such as your new HP CD-Writer Plus are so easy to disconnect and reconnect that you may want to use other devices of this type. The information below can help you maintain the

CD-Writer’s performance when other USB devices are connected to your computer.

Fast USB devices connected to your computer (such as the CD-Writer

Plus, scanners, printers and speakers) work well as long as they are used one at a time. However, there is a drastic reduction in performance when two or more of these devices are used simultaneously.

Typically, slow USB devices connected to your computer (such as mice, keyboards, and joysticks) do not decrease the performance of other slow

USB devices. They can, however, affect the performance of fast devices when a slow and a fast device are used simultaneously.

Maintaining the Data Flow to the Drive

The CD-Writer Plus requires a constant stream of information from the computer in order to create CDs with the Easy CD Creator or CD Copier software. If the stream of information is interrupted (called a buffer underrun) the CD can be ruined.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE, CONNECT or TURN ON any other USB device while creating a CD with Easy CD Creator or CD Copier software.

The DirectCD software is not susceptible to buffer underruns. To understand when to use the different software programs, refer to section on making CDs that begins on page 4.



Using the Right Cable

Using the Right Cable

The USB cable shipped with the CD-Writer Plus is a high-quality cable.

Do not replace it with other cables or use cable extenders. Using lower quality cables could adversely affect drive performance.

Choosing a Hub

A hub allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your computer. To operate properly, the CD-Writer Plus requires a self-powered (also known as active) hub. This type of hub ensures that all the devices on the hub receive the necessary power.

Reconnecting the Drive

Once you have installed the drivers for the CD-Writer Plus you can connect or disconnect the drive at any time. Windows will recognize the device and load the drivers. It is not necessary to restart Windows to reconnect your drive.


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