Connecting video and audio cables. Pioneer BDP150

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Connecting video and audio cables. Pioneer BDP150 | Manualzz 17 ページ 2012年3月23日 金曜日 午後5時7分

Connecting video and audio cables

Connecting an AV receiver or amplifier using an coaxial digital audio cable

Player’s rear panel


• Make the settings in the Setup Navigator menu according to the type of cable connected (page 20).

• To output video signals from this player, connect using a video cable (not including when connected using an HDMI cable).

Connecting a TV using a video/audio cable

Coaxial digital audio cable (commercially available)



Video/audio cable


To coaxial digital audio input terminal

AV receiver or amplifier

2-channel analog audio can also be connected.

To audio input terminals


Connect the player’s video output directly to your TV.

This player supports the analog copy protection technology. Therefore, the picture may not be displayed properly if this player is connected to a TV via a DVD recorder/video deck or when playing the player’s output material that is recorded by a DVD recorder/video deck. Furthermore, the picture may not be displayed properly due to the copy protection when the player is connected to a TV with a built-in video deck. For details, contact the manufacturer of your TV.

Player’s rear panel




Direction of signal flow

About USB devices

The USB devices that can be connected to the player are as shown below.

• USB 2.0-compatible USB flash drive (capacity of 1 GB or greater, 2 GB or greater recommended) or HDD

(capacity 2 TB or less)

• File system: FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS

It is also possible to connect to an AV receiver or amplifier.

Connect the audio signals using an coaxial digital audio cable or an audio cable (2 channels) (on the right column).


• To switch the video from the AV receiver or amplifier, also connect the video output terminals.

Connecting components to the USB port

Direction of signal flow


To video/audio input terminals


• Devices formatted with a file system other than the above cannot be used. Such devices may however be usable if they are formatted from the player.

• USB devices may not be recognized if they contain multiple partitions.

• Some USB devices may not operate with this player.

• Operation of USB devices is not guaranteed.


• Video signals are output with a resolution of 480/576I or 480/576P when this player is connected using a video cable.

• Depending on the output video resolution setting, the picture may not be output.





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