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Read All Instructions Before Use

Check the outlet grill is not covered or obstructed in anyway, and make sure the power to the unit is switched on.

NOTE: When the heat function is used for the first time, a slight odor may be present. This is normal and should not occur again unless the heater is not used for an extended period of time.

Control Panel

The control panel is located behind the door of the stove.

1500W 750W I / O


Make sure the POWER (I/0) switch is OFF. Plug the power cord into a 120-volt, 15-amp grounded outlet (see Safety Information).

Flame Effect: Toggle POWER (I/0) switch ON. The POWER indicator light will glow. Flame effect will be visible through the front mesh.

Heat (Low): With the POWER (I/0) switch ON, toggle the LOW (750W) switch ON. The LOW indicator light will glow. Warm air will blow.

Heat (High): With the PoWER (I/0) switch and LoW switch both on, toggle the HIGH (1500W) switch on. The HIGH indicator light will glow. Hot air will blow.

Temperature Limiting Control

This item is equipped with a temperature limiting control. Should the item reach an unsafe temperature, the item will automatically turn off. To reset: Unplug the power cord from the outlet. Wait

5 minutes. With the POWER switch in the OFF position, plug the power cord back into the outlet.



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