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Magic Shelf

(For some models)

Magic shelf, which is on the crisper cover, was designed to give you more place and comfort placing the things in the appliance. This shelf is mobile so you can arrange long or big containers on the crisper cover.

Making Ice Cubes

• Take out the ice making tray

• Fill the water in level of line.

• Place the ice making tray in its original position

• When ice cubes are formed, twist the lever to drop off ice cubes into the icebox.

Do not fill the icebox with water in order to make ice. It can be broken.

Fast Freezing Shelf

(For some models)

• Use the fast freezing shelf to freeze home cooking (and fresh foods which is wanted to freeze) more quickly because of the freezing room’s greater freezing power.

• For opening the shelf pull the cover up, and slide it in to the shelf. You can close it in the same way

Note that; be sure that the cover of fast freezing shelf is closed before closing the

compartment door. If not, it can not show its fast freezing power.

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