Chiller Shelves. Bompani bo 06856, bo 06428

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Chiller Shelves

(For some models)

Keep in g fo o d in th e Chiller c o mp artmen t instead of the freezer or refrigerator compartment allows food retain freshness and flavour longer, while preserving its fresh appearance. When chiller tray becomes dirty, remove it and wash it with water.

(Water freezes at 0°C, but foods containing salt or sugar freeze at temperature lower than that)

Normally people use the chiller compartment for raw fish, lightly pickled, rice, etc...

Do not put foods you want to freeze or ice trays in order to make ice.

Crisper and Crisper Shelf

(For some models)

The c risp er co mp artment ab so rb s an d decomposes ethylene gas (*) emitted from fruits and vegetables with a “FILTER” in the crisper shelf, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. The filter also elimin ates u np leasan t o d ou rs fro m inside th e crisper, and control the excess water released by th e vegetab les, main tain ing a hig h h u midity environment inside the crisper. W hen the crisper shelf become dirty, remove the filter by taking out the filter cover and wash the crisper cover with water.

! Do not wash the “Humidity-Control Filter” with water.

(*)NOTE; Ethylene gas is a gas, produced from fruits and vegetables, which acceler-

ates the ageing of fruits and vegetables. For example, spinach and broccoli turn to yellow colour easily in places where ethylene gas is abundant.

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