Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers

® e-RFI Application: Facility Administrator and User Guide

BDC Programs

Version 3.0


The Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI supports the following BDC programs for facility Users:

Bariatric – effective October 2007

Cardiac – Spring 2008

Spine Surgery, Knee and Hip Replacement – Spring 2009

Getting Started

One primary purpose of the electronic Request for Information (e-RFI) application is to allow facilities to complete the clinical survey process for multiple Blue Distinction Center (BDC) programs during the timeframes for their corresponding RFIs. Each facility must identify a primary User or administrator to oversee its internal survey process for the BDC programs. The

Facility Administrator(s) for the e-RFI application is able to monitor the internal survey completion workflow and communication processes. The Facility Administrator has the ability to create and modify other facility User log-ins and role(s) in the e-RFI application. The survey can only be activated and worked by one facility User at any given time. Other facility Users may view the survey as a read-only document.

The local BCBS Plan Administrator for the e-RFI application will establish the initial User ID for the Facility Administrator. The Facility Administrator will receive an invitation e-mail linking to the e-RFI Web site to initiate the BDC designation process. To gain access to the e-RFI application, the Facility Administrator (or the facility User) must first click on the time-sensitive hyperlink located in this e-mail message. If the link is not working, then the facility User may

copy/paste the link into the Internet Explorer’s address field. On the initial login page for the e-

RFI application, the Facility Administrator (or facility User) will be prompted to change the password for security purposes. Upon accessing the e-RFI application, the Facility

Administrator will have the ability to add other facility Users and assign roles and programs to those Users. Upon creating a User access, either the Facility Administrator or the facility Users have the ability to fill out the BDC Survey.

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This material is a trade secret. Please refer to the confidentiality reminder in the front of the

BCBSA Facility User Manual.


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