Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers

® e-RFI Application: Facility Administrator and User Guide


Version 3.0


The BCBS Plan administrator will create the Facility Administrator log-in identification (ID) in the e-RFI application to allow Web site access. The Facility Administrator has the ability to create other User log-ins for the same facility. When a User has been added to the e-RFI application, an e-mail will be sent to each new User with instructions on how to initially login to the Web site application and change the password. The hyper-link embedded in this e-mail for the initial

User login is time sensitive and may only be clicked once for security purposes. ** The link

expires after 24 hours. Once this period has lapsed, the facility User can obtain his/her set password link by clicking on the

Forgot Password

link found on the login page.

When a facility User requests a password to be reset by the Facility Administrator, it will be necessary to either a) close out any existing internet browser sessions before following the hyperlink in the e-mail or b) log out of current web browser session.


Users receive an e-mail with a link to the Blue Distinction Centers Web site when the

User account is first established. Follow the link to the


screen and set your new password. the and


. The Username is the User’s ID assigned by the

BCBS/BCBSA Administrator. (The assigned ID will be provided in the initial e-mail notification from the e-RFI application). Click the



©BCBSA, 2009 Confidential

This material is a trade secret. Please refer to the confidentiality reminder in the front of the

BCBSA Facility User Manual.


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