Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers

® e-RFI Application: Facility Administrator and User Guide

Forgot Password

Version 3.0


If you forget your password and are unable to login, you may use the

Forgot Password


You will be prompted to enter your


. The e-RFI application will send an e-mail to you with information on how to reset your password. The hyper-link to reset the User password is time sensitive and may only be clicked once. Important: Before you click on the link in the email to reset your password, you must close any open browser windows or logout of your current session before attempting to follow the link in the e-mail. ** The link expires after 24

hours. Once this period has lapsed, the facility User can obtain his/her set password link by clicking on the

Forgot Password

link found on the login page.

1. Go to the


screen. Click the link:

Forgot Password.

2. Enter your


. Click on

Reset My Password


3. Close all web-browsers or log out of the existing session. (An error will occur if you do not perform one of these two tasks before attempting to open the link in the e-mail notification).

4. Check the e-mail associated with a particular Username to reset a password. Follow the link within the e-mail message in order to change the password. * If the link does not

work, copy the link, and paste in an Internet Explorer Address field. the is not recognized or forgotten, contact the Facility Administrator for the correct



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This material is a trade secret. Please refer to the confidentiality reminder in the front of the

BCBSA Facility User Manual.


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