Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers e-RFI Application

Blue Distinction Centers

® e-RFI Application: Facility Administrator and User Guide

Accessing the Survey

Version 3.0



Survey Link:

When a facility is nominated and it receives an invitation to login to the e-RFI application, a facility User may complete the BDC Survey. The Facility User must answer all required questions in the Survey. The Facility User has the option to save the Survey and return at a later time to complete the survey for submission. Upon clicking


, survey responses are not validated but are validated only when the


button is clicked.

1. Go to the



2. Click on the

Action Item

link labeled

Complete BDC Survey

. Only one User can complete the survey at a time. However, other facility Users can view a read-only copy while the survey is being completed.

3. Complete all questions in the Survey. See section Navigating the Survey

for specifics.

4. When finished, Click

Submit Survey


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BCBSA Facility User Manual.


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