Legacy Platinum SCR Single Phase Charger

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This Legacy Platinum SCR battery charger is an advanced, silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) charger. It was factory-configured to charge wet/flooded or sealed deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. The charger has an “l-E-I” profile, which is high-rate constant current (start/bulk region), constant voltage (plateau/absorption region), and low-rate constant current (finish region). It is controlled by an advanced microprocessor controller. Figure 1-1 lists the features of the controller, including automatic multi-voltage charging, individual amp-hour setting/battery profile per DC voltage level, field programmability, and a real-time clock. The charger can also be configured for opportunity charging.

Legacy Platinum SCR Controller Features

Advanced microprocessor control

User-specified, factory-configured battery profiles and AH settings

1-inch alphanumeric display characters

8 LED indicators and 4 buttons

Self diagnostic button

Voltage mismatch protection

Complete fault monitoring with shutdown protection

Automatic equalize/balance

Manual equalize/balance, stop, and start with buttons

Automatic multi-voltage charging

Individual battery profile and AH setting per voltage

2-line LCD display and navigation pad

“Plain English” menu system

Program/modify charger settings in the field

Review archived charge cycles

Real-time clock for time-of-day operations

Opportunity charging support

Figure 1-1: Legacy Platinum SCR Controller Features

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