Legacy Platinum SCR Single Phase Charger

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Legacy Platinum SCR Single Phase Charger | Manualzz

cycle, the main display will show “REST” for approximately 3 minutes while the DC output is shut off as part of the voltage detection routine.

6. The charge profile transition from the start/bulk phase to the plateau/absorption phase is indicated by the solid 80% Charged LED.

7. For a balance charge cycle, the charge profile transition to the balance phase is indicated by both the blinking Charge Complete LED and the solid Equalizing LED.

8. For an equalize charge cycle, the completion of the equalize phase is indicated by the solid Equalizing


9. The charger automatically terminates the charge cycle when the battery reaches full charge. The necessary charge time is affected by numerous factors. The major factors affecting the required charge time are the amp-hour capacity, depth of discharge, temperature, and age/usage of the battery.

Completion of the charge cycle is indicated by the solid Charge Complete LED and both the Charging and 80% Charged LEDs turning off.

10. Disconnect the charger DC output connector from the battery connector by grasping both connectors and pulling them straight apart.

9.1 Multi-Voltage Charging

Legacy Platinum SCR chargers are multi-voltage and capable of charging batteries with standard cell counts and DC voltages up to the maximums listed on the ratings label on the front of the charger. For example, a

24-cell/48-volt charger is capable of charging 24-cell/48-volt, 18-cell/36-volt, 12-cell/24-volt, and 6-cell/12-volt batteries. They automatically sense the DC voltage of the connected battery and adjust the DC output voltage accordingly. This feature eliminates the need to purchase multiple chargers for multi-voltage charging. An individual amp-hour setting and battery profile must be specified at the time of order for each supported battery cell count / DC voltage.

Please contact your dealer to inquire about multi-voltage charging using non-standard battery cell counts and DC voltages, other than 24-cell/48-volt, 18-cell/36-volt, 12-cell/24-volt, and 6-cell/12-volt.

When a charger is configured for multi-voltage charging, a voltage detection routine takes place at the beginning of a charge cycle. As part of this routine, approximately 11 minutes after the start of a charge cycle, the main display will show “REST” for approximately 3 minutes while the DC output is shut off as part of the routine. During this “REST” period the “Charging” LED will blink.

9.2 User Interface

The charger user interface includes a 4-digit alphanumeric display with extra-large 1” characters that are readable from a significant distance, 8 LEDs for indicators, and 4 buttons for operating the charger.

Additionally, the user interface includes a large 2-line LCD display and navigation pad for accessing and modifying charger settings, viewing charge cycle parameters, and reviewing charge cycle history. The LCD displays “plain English” parameters, messages, and menus that are easy to understand and navigate. www.douglasbattery.com 16 of 30 User’s Manual


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