Legacy Platinum SCR Single Phase Charger

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Figure 9.2-1: User Interface

9.2.1 Control Panel

To interact with the user, the user interface includes a control panel with 4 buttons, 8 LEDs (light emitting diodes), and a 4-digit alphanumeric display with high-visibility 1” characters. Figure 9.2.1-1 and Figure 9.2.1-2 describe the button and the LED functions, respectively.

Button Description


Converts a daily charge cycle to an equalize/balance charge cycle. Converts an equalize/balance charge cycle to a daily charge cycle.

Stop/Start Stops a charge cycle that is in progress. Manually starts a new charge cycle.

Scrolls through the real-time charge cycle parameters on the 4-digit alphanumeric


Self Test display.

Initiates a full factory self diagnostic test of the charger. See Section 9.5 for details.

Figure 9.2.1-1: Control Panel Buttons

When a charge cycle is in progress, the Self Test button is not functional; and the Equalize/Daily,

Stop/Start and Scroll buttons must be held for a short amount of time before the charger will acknowledge the button press. This delay will guard against accidental button presses while a charge cycle is in progress.

LED Description


Lights when a charge cycle begins. Turns off when the charge cycle completes.

Blinks during the “REST” period of the multi-voltage charging voltage detection routine.

80% Charged

Lights when the 80% point (gassing voltage) is reached during a charge cycle.

Turns off when the charge cycle completes.




Manual Stop


Blinks when an equalize/balance charge cycle begins. Turns solid when the equalize mode completes or turns solid when the balance mode begins.

Lights when a charge cycle completes successfully. Blinks when balance or post charge mode is occurring.

Lights when the Stop/Start button is pressed while a charge cycle is in progress to manually stop charging.

Lights when a fault occurs. The display(s) will show the fault code. Fault codes are described in Section 9.4. www.douglasbattery.com 17 of 30 User’s Manual


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