Legacy Platinum SCR Single Phase Charger

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A fault is cleared by disconnecting the battery from the charger or removing AC power from the charger. The user should determine the cause of the fault and correct it before starting a new charge cycle. It may be necessary to observe charger displays and function to determine the cause.

9.5 Self Diagnostic

The Self Test button should be used when it is suspected that the charger is not functioning properly.

Pressing the Self Test button initiates a full self diagnostic, much like the final test performed in the factory at the end of the production line. The self diagnostic will not execute if a battery is connected to the charger.

Internally, a test load is connected to the DC output of the charger, which ensures that a faulty battery does not affect the self diagnostic. The Self Test LED is illuminated while the self diagnostic executes. Figure

9.5-1 lists the self diagnostic error codes. In the event that the self diagnostic returns an error code, contact your charger dealer, and provide them with the error code.

Error Code





Control board failure

Control board failure

Control board failure



Control board failure

Control board failure

E6 PCB temperature sensor error

E7 N/A







Battery connected (remove and re-test)

SCR 1 error

SCR 2 error

SCR 3 error

General SCR error

AC path error (AC contactor, AC fuses, etc.)

Figure 9.5-1: Self Diagnostic Error Codes

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