Value line, 16 MHz STM8S 8-bit MCU, 8 Kbytes Flash, 128 bytes

Value line, 16 MHz STM8S 8-bit MCU, 8 Kbytes Flash, 128 bytes

STM8 development tools



STM8S003K3 STM8S003F3

STM8 development tools

Development tools for the STM8 microcontrollers include the full-featured STice emulation system supported by a complete software tool package including C compiler, assembler and integrated development environment with high-level language debugger. In addition, the

STM8 is to be supported by a complete range of tools including starter kits, evaluation boards and a low-cost in-circuit debugger/programmer.

Emulation and in-circuit debugging tools

The STice emulation system offers a complete range of emulation and in-circuit debugging features on a platform that is designed for versatility and cost-effectiveness. In addition, STM8 application development is supported by a low-cost in-circuit debugger/programmer.

The STice is the fourth generation of full featured emulators from STMicroelectronics. It offers new advanced debugging capabilities including profiling and coverage to help detect and eliminate bottlenecks in application execution and dead code when fine tuning an application.

In addition, STice offers in-circuit debugging and programming of STM8 microcontrollers via the STM8 single wire interface module (SWIM), which allows non-intrusive debugging of an application while it runs on the target microcontroller.

For improved cost effectiveness, STice is based on a modular design that allows you to order exactly what you need to meet your development requirements and to adapt your emulation system to support existing and future ST microcontrollers.

STice key features

Occurrence and time profiling and code coverage (new features)

Advanced breakpoints with up to 4 levels of conditions

Data breakpoints

Program and data trace recording up to 128 KB records

Read/write on the fly of memory during emulation

In-circuit debugging/programming via SWIM protocol

8-bit probe analyzer

1 input and 2 output triggers

Power supply follower managing application voltages between 1.62 to 5.5 V

Modularity that allows you to specify the components you need to meet your development requirements and adapt to future requirements

Supported by free software tools that include integrated development environment (IDE), programming software interface and assembler for STM8.


Software tools

STM8 development tools are supported by a complete, free software package from

STMicroelectronics that includes ST Visual Develop (STVD) IDE and the ST Visual

Programmer (STVP) software interface. STVD provides seamless integration of the Cosmic and Raisonance C compilers for STM8, which are available in a free version that outputs up to 16 Kbytes of code.

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STM8S003K3 STM8S003F3 STM8 development tools



STM8 toolset

STM8 toolset with STVD integrated development environment and STVP programming software is available for free download at This package includes:

ST Visual Develop – Full-featured integrated development environment from ST, featuring

Seamless integration of C and ASM toolsets

Full-featured debugger

Project management

Syntax highlighting editor

Integrated programming interface

Support of advanced emulation features for STice such as code profiling and coverage

ST Visual Programmer (STVP) – Easy-to-use, unlimited graphical interface allowing read, write and verify of your STM8 microcontroller’s Flash program memory, data EEPROM and option bytes. STVP also offers project mode for saving programming configurations and automating programming sequences.

C and assembly toolchains

Control of C and assembly toolchains is seamlessly integrated into the STVD integrated development environment, making it possible to configure and control the building of your application directly from an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Available toolchains include:

Cosmic C compiler for STM8 – Available in a free version that outputs up to 16 Kbytes of code. For more information, see

Raisonance C compiler for STM8 – Available in a free version that outputs up to

16 Kbytes of code. For more information, see

STM8 assembler linker – Free assembly toolchain included in the STVD toolset, which allows you to assemble and link your application source code.


Programming tools

During the development cycle, STice provides in-circuit programming of the STM8 Flash microcontroller on your application board via the SWIM protocol. Additional tools are to include a low-cost in-circuit programmer as well as ST socket boards, which provide dedicated programming platforms with sockets for programming your STM8.

For production environments, programmers will include a complete range of gang and automated programming solutions from third-party tool developers already supplying programmers for the STM8 family.

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