19-22-26LV610C LCD TV?DVD Combintion Television User`s Manual

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Choosing a location for your LCD TV

Retractable pedestal stand and locating the LCD TV

Observe the following safety precautions:

1) Ensure that unpacking and transfer of the unit is carried out by two or more people.

2) Put the LCD TV on a large level area in a recumbent posture.

3) Grab the pedestal stand and lift the display up. Confi rm the pivot is locked.

4) Place the TV on a sturdy, level surface that can support the weight of the TV.

5) Be sure to secure the TV to a wall stud, pillar, surface, or other immovable structure. To secure the TV in this manner:

(1) attach a clip to an immovable structure, then (2) pass a sturdy strap through the clip and attach each end to the hooks located at the back of the TV. Be sure to leave at least 4 inches between the TV and the wall or similar structure for ventilation. See item

25, page 4 for additional details.

To fold the pedestal stand

1) Slide the lever on the back side of the pedestal stand to the left.

2) Lay the display down.

Slide the lever to the left

Important notes about your LCD TV

The following symptoms are technical limitations of LCD

Display technology and are not an indication of malfunction; therefore, Toshiba is not responsible for perceived defects resulting from these symptoms.

1) An after image (ghost) may appear on the screen if a fi xed, non-moving image is displayed for a long period of time.

The after image is not permanent and will disappear in a short period of time.

2) The LCD panel contained in this TV is manufactured using an extremely high level of precision technology; however, there may be an occasional pixel (dot of light) that does not operate properly

(does not light, remains constantly lit, etc.). This is a structural property of LCD technology, is not a sign of malfunction, and is not covered under your warranty. Such pixels are not visible when the picture is viewed from a normal viewing distance.

Note: Interactive video games that involve shooting a “gun” type of joystick at an on-screen target may not work on this TV.

Notes on handling

■ Do not subject the LCD panel to physical shock, such as dropping it. It may cause unit damage and malfunction.

■ When shipping the unit, the original shipping carton and packing materials come in handy. For fully protection, repack the unit as it was originally packed at the factory.

■ Do not use volatile liquids, such as insecticide, near the unit.

■ Do not leave rubber or plastic products in contact with the unit for prolonged periods of time.

Doing so will leave marks on the fi nish.

■ The top and rear panels of the unit may become warm after a long period of use. This is not a malfunction.

■ When the unit is not in use, always remove the disc and turn off

Back side of the pedestal stand

NOTE: Do not operate the LCD TV while the pedestal stand

To Display your LCD TV using a Wall Bracket:

If you decide to wall mount your LCD TV, always use a UL Listed wall bracket appropriate for the size and weight of the LCD TV (see page 2):

1) CAUTION: Two people are required for installation.

2) Unplug and remove any cables and/or other component connectors from the rear of the TV.

3) Follow the instructions provided with your wall bracket.

Before proceeding, make sure the appropriate bracket(s) are attached to the wall and the back of the TV as described in the instructions provided with the wall bracket.

4) After attaching the appropriate bracket(s) to the wall and the back of the TV, remove the pedestal stand from the TV as described


Removing the Pedestal Stand

1) Carefully lay the front of the unit face down on a fl at, cushioned surface such as a quilt or blanket. Leave the stand protruding over the edge of the surface.

NOTE: Extreme care should always be used when removing the pedestal stand to avoid damage to the LCD panel.

2) Remove the two screws shown in the diagram below.

This will allow removal of the pedestal stand.

3) Once you have removed all two screws holding the pedestal stand in place, remove the pedestal stand from the TV by sliding the pedestal stand away from the TV.

Notes on locating the unit

■ When you place this unit near a TV, radio, or VCR, the playback picture may become poor and the sound may be distorted. In this case, place the unit away from the TV, radio, or VCR.

■ To avoid damage to this product, never place or store the

TV/DVD in direct sunlight; hot, humid areas; or areas subject to excessive dust or vibration.

■ The socket-outlet must be installed near the unit and easily accessible.

Two screws



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