C-NaviGator I User Guide

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C-NaviGator User Manual

Back Panel

All connections to the C-NaviGator are made through the connectors on the back panel.

Power Section

Includes the input

PWR plug, FUSE,


and ON/OFF

(COM 1-5)




Mouse/Keyboard USB Ports


Plugs (optional)


Keyboard and mouse connections (PS/2) are provided for your optional use. During typical operations, these are not needed. The C-NaviGator works with many USB keyboards and mice.

USB Ports

Provide connections for USB device such as flash sticks and external solid-state drives. A C-Nav thumb drive is supplied the unit.

Input/Output Ports

Connections to input and output devices are through these standard PC type

COM ports. There are 4 RS232 ports (1

– 4) available for use. Port 5 is reserved for future development. Port 5 may be configured for RS422/485 at the factory

Version 5.2

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