C-NaviGator I User Guide

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C-NaviGator User Manual

Section 3 - Operator Instructions

Power Up

During the power up sequence, the operator has the option to install new software from C & C Technologies. As updates become available, the user will be able to download the software from the C-Nav ftp site and transfer it to a USB memory device. A flash memory stick is supplied with each unit. See Updating

(page 61) for details.

Allow at least one minute for the system to initialize. Program start is automatic and the last settings stored by the user are recalled. The default screen is the

“Position Info” screen.

For a description of the C-NaviGator display items, see View (page 22). If this

screen does not contain the information described, refer to Troubleshooting

(page 60).

Screen Layout

The C-NaviGator screen provides easy access to system information and control functions. System performance and the quality of the position solution are conveyed by means of red, yellow and green indicators in the left screen panel

(GNSS Quality Indicators). The main system “Alarm” appears in red on the right side of the screen along w ith an “Active Port” indicator. Indicator colors change

according to the limits set by the operator for each parameter. See GNSS

Quality Alerts (page 28) for details.

Version 5.2

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C-NaviGator User Manual

Along the top edge of the C-NaviGator screen are the pull-down menus and the date/time display. The type of information to be displayed in the center of the screen is selected by the operator using the pull-down menus described in

Section 4

– Menus (page 19).

Pull-Down Menus (top left):


– Configuration storage, recall and reset


– Monitoring screen selection (Defaults to

“Position Info” at power up)


– View, enter, or adjust operating parameters


– Display and control screen setting descriptions

Local Information (top right):

Date and time

Version 5.2

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C-NaviGator User Manual

GNSS Quality Alert Indicators (left frame):


– Mode of operation.

2D/3D Mode

– Position solutions with or without height.


– Indicates the current source of correction data.

Diff Age

– Time in seconds since last valid correction.


– Number of satellites used in position solution.


– Horizontal Dilution of Precision


– Vertical Dilution of Precision


– Position Dilution of Precision

Version 5.2

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