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C-NaviGator User Manual green circles. Circles turn red if data from the satellite becomes too noisy or obstructed.

Circles with a blue border represent GNSS satellites and those with an orange border represent GLONASS satellites.

The graphic center point reference represents a point directly overhead and the grid lines from the center of the graph inversely indicate satellite elevation. There is a circle every 15 degrees of elevation and azimuth lines at every 45 degrees.

Error Ellipse

The error ellipse graphically represents the sum of the horizontal error uncertainty in the system.

Graphics on the “Error Ellipse” screen show the error estimate of the PVT solution accuracy (in meters) based on residual analysis.

The range, the distance from the center of the graph to the outer ring, is user configurable using Settings.

Error Ellipse Settings

Allows the user to set the range of the graph or set it to auto range. When auto range is selected, the range will grow to accommodate the size of the error ellipse.

Version 5.2

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