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C-NaviGator User Manual

The Menu / Settings / GNSS Quality Alerts page allows you to configure when the quality indicators change colors. “Single Frequency” and “Auto 2D” positioning may or may not indicate a problem, depending on the situation. So, you can select any of the colors for these states. For the rest of the alerts, you have 2 columns of settings. In the “Warn (Yellow) if not” column, you select at what point the indicator turns from green to yellow. In t he “Alert (Red) if not” column, you select at what point the indicator turns from yellow to red.


This screen allows the operator to assign input/output devices to the desired ports. Each port is activated by selecting a device in the “Type” column.

Also adjustable are the serial data transfer settings, including Baud Rate (Speed), number of Data Bits, Parity and the number of Stop Bits.

Always press OK after all changes are made.


For C-Nav2000 and C-Nav2050, factory default communication settings are

19200 8/None/1

For C-Nav1010 and C-Nav3050, factory default communication settings are

57600 8/None/1

All C-NaviGator active ports are listed below Menu / Settings / Port. In the example above, Port 1 is set to “C-Nav 2050”. Additional device status, settings, and control information are available for each port when selected.

See Appendix B - NMEA Data Strings (page 68) for a table of NMEA strings and

the data extracted from each.

Version 5.2

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