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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system management tool: the RemotEye III! The RemotEye III supplies a 10/100 base-T network card that allows network administrators to monitor and control Toshiba UPS systems remotely via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) methods.

This user manual describes the configuration and operation of the RemotEye III. The RemotEye III is a circuit board that is inserted into the option slot of the UPS. The circuit board is connected to the UPS via the RemotEye III card edge connector.


Package Contents

Listed below are the items included in the RemotEye III package.

RemotEye III Contents

The RemotEye III printed circuit board.

PC cable, a DB9 female to RJ45 cable (Workstation COM port to RemotEye III COM port).

A CD-ROM containing the following:

The RemotEye III Quick Installation Guide.

RemotEye III User Manual


Tupgrade.exe, the RemotEye III upgrade utility,

Windows and UNIX Shutdown Clients Software

Figure 1: RemotEye III Circuit Card


RemotEye III Features

Included in the RemotEye III are several support options for managing Toshiba UPS.


The RemotEye III can automatically retrieve its network identity from a network server using the Boot Protocol

(BOOTP) or Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) automatic configuration technique.

HTTP Web Access

Web access includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Configurations. This allows users to access data from RemotEye publicly or privately using the web.

Telnet, Terminal Access

Telnet includes Secure Shell (SSH) protocol configuration.

SNMP Access

RemotEye III provides enhanced SNMP security with option of SNMPv3, default protocol is SNMPv1. It is compatible with the United States Standard UPS MIB, RFC1628 and also with Japanese Standard UPS MIB.

Additional features of the RemotEye III include:

Real-Time Clock

The RemotEye III contains its own RTC. This clock is used for time-stamping of its data log and for executing any scheduled events.

UPS Event Notification

RemotEye III sends out notification of UPS events via Email, SNMP Traps and Java Applets.

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

User-friendly GUI for web pages and Java applets

Power Quality Monitor

Java applets provide on-screen visual indication of power quality through dynamic graphics.

Versatile Remote UPS Management

Allows monitoring of the UPS via SNMP and HTTP communication. Also provides Java monitoring applets accessible through an internet browser.

Versatile UPS Configuration

RemotEye III has the ability to set the UPS parameters from any SNMP management station or through internet web browsers using HTTP forms and objects.

Data Log Retention

RemotEye III stores history file containing UPS power events, power quality, UPS status, and battery condition in non-volatile memory.

Automatic UPS Shutdown

The Toshiba RemotEye III Client Software provides unattended and on-demand UPS shutdown; either preprogrammed by the administrator or when the UPS reports a low battery condition.


RemotEye III also supports the following external applications:

Network Upgrade

Tupgrade.exe, a network upgrade utility, allows user to upgrade to a newer version of the RemotEye.

Auto Save Log

This utility allows users to save logs from several RemotEye(s) at the same time to a same or different computer.

Client Shutdown

The Toshiba RemotEye III Client Software can broadcast system failure messages via an IP (Internet Protocol) packet and perform unattended shutdown of up to 250 clients operating under a variety of platforms.

Environmental Monitoring Device (EMD) (Optional)

EMD allows monitoring of the environment temperature and humidity. It provides 2 dry contact closures that can be used for normally open, normally closed, active high, or active low contact closures. Alarms will be sent to

RemotEye III as events.



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