NS-Series Programmable Terminals HOST CONNECTION MANUAL

NS-Series Programmable Terminals HOST CONNECTION MANUAL

Section 1

Possible combinations

This section explains in general how to connect hosts other than NS-V1/V2 Series Omron PLC and which models to connect.

1-1List of combinations

1-2CX-Designer and System Program version


1-1 List of combinations

This explains the configuration when host is other than Omron PLCs.

1-1-1 Connection of temperature controller

Communicates with Omron temperature controller via RS-485.

Connect RS-422 converter CJ1W-CIF11 to serial port A or B and set communication mode to RS-485.

For details, refer to ‘Chapter 2: connection of temperature controller’.

1-1-2 Connection with memory link

When host other than PLC such as board-controller and personal computer is used, connection via memory link is possible. Use serial port A or B to connect host equipment. For details, refer to ‘chapter 3: connection via memory



1-2 CX-Designer and System Program versions

1-2-1 CX-Designer versions

With CX-Designer Ver.1.0 or later version, you can create and edit projects for Temperature Controller connections and Memory Link connections.

1-2-2 System Program versions

System program Ver.5.0 or later.

A copy of this version is included CX-Designer.

NS Series V1/V2 models (NS15 –V2, NS12/10/8/5 –V1/V2), and NSJ Series (NSJ12/10/8/5) are supported for those connections.

NS without –V1/V2 suffix models are not supported.

When system program version is earlier than Ver.5.0, you need to upgrade. For details on how to upgrade, refer to the manual (PDF)(How To RecoverUpdate the system) in CX-Designer.


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