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3.1 Fun Center Unit Parts Overview

The Fun Center unit consists of the Nintendo Wii U console and the Wii U GamePad, two controllers, and a TV. The following image identifies these and other important parts:

Sensor bar



Guard rail

Wii U GamePad

Power cord and cord hook

Wii U console

Wii Remote, Nunchuk controller storage

Casters: non-locking

Casters: locking

100425-C 19

3.1.1 Wii U Console

See the following views of the Wii U console:

1. POWER Button

• Power LED

2. EJECT Button

• Disc LED

3. Disc slot

4. SYNC Button

5. SD card slot

6. USB ports

7. Battery cover

8. Air intake

9. AC adapter connector

10. AV Multi Out connector

11. Sensor-bar connector

12. HDMI™ port

13. Air vent

6. USB ports

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3.1.2 Wii U GamePad

See the following views of the Wii U GamePad:


1. L Stick

2. +Control Pad

3. Sensor bar

4. Camera

5. A/B/X/Y Buttons

6. R Stick

7. + Button/START

8. - Button/SELECT

9. Speakers

10. POWER Button

11. TV Control Button

12. Battery LED

13. HOME Button

14. Microphone

15. Touch Screen

16. NFC (near-field communication touchpoint)

17. L & ZL Buttons

18. R & ZR Buttons

19. Stylus holder

20. Volume control

21. Infrared transceiver

22. Audio jack

23. GamePad support

24. Hand grips

25. Battery cover

26. SYNC Button

21 Pairing Controllers

Pairing the Wii U GamePad with the Wii U Console

To pair (sync) the Wii U GamePad with the Wii U console, conduct the following procedure:

1. Power ON the Wii U console and the Wii U GamePad.

2. Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console and then on the Wii U GamePad to pair them.

• Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console twice.

• Use the GamePad stylus to press the SYNC Button on the back of the Wii U


3. Enter the pairing symbols shown on the TV screen in order, starting from the left, on the Wii U GamePad.

100425-C 22

• If the Wii U GamePad screen is off, then press the POWER Button and then the

SYNC Button.

• If the following (or similar) screen displays, then press the SYNC Button on the

Wii U console again and start over from step 3 above.

It may be necessary to move closer to the Wii U console


Pairing the Wii Remote Plus with the Wii U Console

To pair (sync) the Wii Remote Plus with the Wii U console, conduct the following procedure:

1. While on the Wii U Menu, press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console to display the controller pairing screen.

2. Press the SYNC Button on the console until the screen shows the controller type you want to pair.

100425-C 23

3. Press the SYNC Button on the Wii Remote Plus.

4. The Player LED on the controller lights up when the pairing is complete.

3.2 Maintenance of your Fun Center Unit

3.2.1 Assessing

To keep your Fun Center unit in working order, Nintendo recommends assessing it on a regular basis.

See the following Nintendo-recommended assessment routine:

1. Press all of the buttons on the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote Plus, and Nunchuk.

• If any buttons are sticky, hold the controller upside-down and use a clean, dry toothbrush to scrub any sticky buttons.

• If any of the buttons are loose or easier to press than the other buttons, then the controller may need to be replaced.

2. Inspect the controller cables for damage by lightly pinching them while running your fingers along the entire length. Cable damage is the most common cause of controller issues.

• If you find any cuts or slices, or other hints of fraying along the cable, then your controller needs to be replaced.

3. Visually inspect screws to identify any that are stripped or missing.

• It is better to replace missing and stripped screws as you find them than to have them become an issue with securing the Fun Center unit or having easy access to internal parts.

Call the Fun Center Unit Support Hotline at 877.716.8550 if you need any replacement parts.

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3.2.2 Cleaning

To clean your Fun Center unit, refer to your facility’s policy for cleaning electronic equipment.

See the following tips for preventing damage while cleaning:

• Do not drip any cleaning solutions into any of the compartments or parts of the Fun

Center unit.

• Do not submerge any Fun Center unit parts in any liquids.

• Do not press hard on the TV or GamePad screens while cleaning them.

See the following recommendations:

Best practices for cleaning TV screens is to dampen a cotton or microfiber cloth with distilled water, or a 50/50 mix of distilled water and white vinegar, then carefully wipe the screen using the damp cloth without pressing too hard. The most common damage to screens from cleaning is liquid contamination or scratches caused by abrasive cloths.

We understand that it is imperative in healthcare settings to sanitize the controllers between patient use. If you must use a sanitizing wipe, Nintendo recommends using alcohol-based wipes, as they dry faster and are less likely to leave a residue. When using these types of wipes, Nintendo recommends that you wring out any excess liquid from the wipes prior to using them to wipe down the controllers; this helps prevent liquid from going inside those parts.

The sanitizing cloths tested and recommended by Nintendo to clean the Fun Center unit are:

• PDI® Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipe Cleaning a Game Disc

To clean a Wii U or Wii Game Disc, conduct the following procedure:

1. Dampen a clean, soft, cotton cloth with water.

2. Use straight strokes and wipe the disc (non-labeled side) from the inside rim to the outside rim. Do not use circular motions, as that type of motion can embed scratches.

3. Using a dry part of the cloth, repeat step 2 to dry the disc.

4. Let the disc sit for at least 2 minutes to completely dry before inserting it into the Wii

U console.

5. Do not use solvents such as: benzine, window cleaner, paint thinner, anti-static aerosol spray, or abrasive cleaners to clean the disc.

6. Do not use machines designed to clean discs or remove scratches. These types of devices have been known to damage the surface of the disc.

7. After cleaning, be sure to store the games properly. Storing games in cases other than the ones they came in, or storing them outside their cases, may damage the disc.

100425-C 25

3.3 Troubleshooting

3.3.1 Troubleshooting Main Power Issues

When the main power cord is connected to a working power outlet, the TV and the Wii U console can be powered ON. If these parts do not have power, check the power strip inside the main cabinet. Use the key from the provided tool kit to open the right-side door.

To check the power strip, conduct the following procedure:

1. Check that the rocker switch is toggled to the RESET position.

2. Check that the power strip is plugged into the main power cord.

3. Check that the following part plugs are properly connected to the power strip:

• Controller PCB

• TV

• Wii U AC adapter

• Hard drive

4. Inspect all cords for damage.

5. Check that each individual part is properly connected to power.

100425-C 26

3.3.2 Troubleshooting TV Issues

Note For additional information about the TV, read the manufacturer manual. It is included in the Fun Center unit shipment.

When the Fun Center unit is plugged in, the TV needs to be powered ON. This can be done with the TV Button on the GamePad, the TV remote provided with the Fun Center unit, or the

POWER button on the right side of the TV.

The only source of audio and video for the TV is via the HDMI cable. The HDMI cable is plugged into INPUT 1 on the TV and into the Wii U console. The TV power cord is hardwired to the TV and the plug is connected to the power strip. No Power

If the TV does not power ON after pressing the POWER button, check the TV power connection to the power strip.

If everything is plugged in properly and all other parts have power except for the TV, then the

TV may need to be repaired or replaced. Call the Fun Center Unit Support Hotline for assistance (877.716.8550). No Video

If you are not seeing a video image on the TV, check the following:

1. A red power light on the TV means that the TV is powered OFF. Power ON the TV.

2. If there is no red power light, check for a “No signal” message on the TV.

• If there is no red power light or message on the TV, see Section, No power.

3. Make sure the Wii U console is powered ON with the power LED blue.

4. Make sure the Wii U GamePad is powered ON.

5. Check to see if there is a video image on the GamePad.

• If there is no image on the GamePad, power OFF the Wii U console. Press the

POWER Button on the GamePad to power ON the Wii U console.

If there is still no image on the TV or GamePad, then the Wii U console needs to be sent in for repair.

6. Check that the HDMI cable is plugged into the Wii U console.

7. Check to see if the TV is set to the correct input, HDMI 1.

If this problem persists, call the Fun Center Unit Support Hotline for assistance


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3.3.3 Troubleshooting Console and Parts Issues Wii U GamePad

Console Cannot be Powered ON with the GamePad or Wii Remote Plus

When the GamePad cannot power ON the Wii U console, there are three main causes:

• Improper connections

• GamePad is not paired with console

• Damage to controllers or cables

To troubleshoot this issue, consider the following:

1. Check the controller cords for physical damage.

2. Check the controller connections. Make sure the cables are fully seated into the controller hub. Make sure the triangle screws are fully seated.

3. Make sure the Fun Center unit is plugged into power.

4. Look through the venting in the left door on the back of the main cabinet for one or two green lights on the controller PCB.

5. If there are no green lights, then the controller hub and PCB are not getting power.

Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the PCB and plugged into the power strip.

For further troubleshooting, see Section 3.3.1, Troubleshooting main power issues.

6. To pair the Wii U GamePad with the Wii U console, see Section, Pairing controllers. Wii Remote Plus Controllers

Erratic Cursor/Character Movement Issues

If the Wii Remote Plus controller appears to operate correctly, but the cursor is not showing on the screen or the characters are acting erratically, then there may be a problem with either the motion sensor in the Wii Remote Plus or with the sensor bar.

To resolve erratic cursor/character movement issues, attempt the following:

1. Put the Wii Remote Plus in a neutral position by resting it on a flat surface during gameplay. If the character or cursor tilts on its own, a motion sensor may be “stuck.”

100425-C 28

2. To free a motion sensor, tap the button side of the Wii Remote Plus against the palm of your hand without using much force.

Caution Too much force may damage the motion sensor. Make sure to tap the controller against the soft part of your palm.

3. If the cursor still does not appear on the screen, or if it moves erratically, verify that the Wii Remote Plus Pointer Lens (tinted rectangle at the end of the Wii Remote Plus) is free of obstructions and contamination (stickers, heavy smudges, etc.).

4. Make sure the Wii Remote Jacket is securely in place, and that it does not block— even partially—the Wii Remote Plus Pointer Lens.

5. Verify that bright sunlight or bright lights are not confusing the infrared sensor.

• If so, move the Fun Center unit away from the window, close any blinds, and/or turn off the lights in the room.

6. Verify that the sensor bar is working. Use a digital camera (like the one on a cell phone) to take a picture of the sensor bar while the Wii U console is powered ON. You should see five lights on each end of the sensor bar.

• If there are no lights on the sensor bar, make sure it is plugged into the back of the Wii U console. Internet

Contact your IT department or system administrator if you have any issues with connecting to the Internet. Hard Drive

The hard drive is connected to the Wii U console via a USB cable. The hard drive has its own

AC adapter that is connected to the power strip.

If you receive an error message about the hard drive, attempt the following:

1. Reboot the Wii U console.

2. Check the hard drive for a blue power LED.

• If there is no power, check the power connections.

3. Power OFF the Wii U console.

4. Unplug the USB cable from the Wii U console and from the hard drive, then plug the

USB cable back in.

If this problem persists, call the Fun Center Unit Support Hotline for assistance


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Notes cont.

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Do you need assistance?

Fun Center Unit Support Hotline: 877.716.8550

or: starlight.nintendo.com

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