Техническая документация для ViVOpay Kiosk II (406 Кб)

Техническая документация для ViVOpay Kiosk II (406 Кб)

Using the ViVOpay Kiosk II to Make a Purchase

Presenting Cards, Fobs, or NFC Phones

Your new ViVOpay Kiosk II allows for credit/debit card purchases using the new contactless technology.

Present the card/fob/phone in close proximity to the front portion of the antenna module.

Present the card/fob/phone so that maximum surface area is parallel to the antenna module as shown below. The antenna should beep and all four green LEDs should illuminate briefly to indicate a successful test.

This tests the antenna’s ability to read the RFID test card. If unsuccessful, there will be no reaction from the reader. If you use a test card and the ViVOpay reader is attached to the ViVOpay Kiosk II Controller, a dummy transaction can be tested. The transaction will not be authorized and will come back with a response, but will at least test for end-to-end connectivity.

Making a Purchase

 After the transaction has been entered on the kiosk control panel, the customer should present their card/fob/phone in close proximity so that maximum surface area is parallel to the antenna.

 A single beep and all four LEDs briefly flashing indicates the card/fob/phone has been read correctly.

Installation Points

 The ViVOpay Kiosk II is designed to be mounted on a metal surface and in close proximity to any internal motors and electrical devices that may be operating inside the kiosk. However, the ViVOpay Kiosk II is susceptible to RF and electromagnetic interference. It is important that the unit not be mounted near (within 3 or 4 feet) large electric motors, computer UPS systems, microwave transmitters, anti-theft devices, radio transmitters, communications equipment and so on.

 Close proximity of metal to the RF-emitting end of the antenna can greatly reduce the

range of the antenna. See the precautions described in Flush Mounting the Kiosk II


 Tie all cables neatly with nylon cable-ties and route them so that they are inaccessible and invisible to customers. Label the cable ends, host, ViVOpay, and power, to simplify connection testing or component replacement.

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