Техническая документация для ViVOpay Kiosk II (406 Кб)

Техническая документация для ViVOpay Kiosk II (406 Кб)


Communication to Kiosk

No data is received, or data is garbled.

Possible Cause

 Faulty or incorrect cable connections.


 Check that the cable connection is secure and in the correct port on the kiosk.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact your local support representative.

Firmware Upgrade

The Kiosk II can be upgraded using either the serial or USB interfaces.

Serial Firmware Download Process

The ViVOpay Kiosk II can only be upgraded when it is placed in upgrade mode by drawing down the ISP signal on the external connector. Using the cable and dongle mentioned above accomplishes this by connecting the ISP pin to the RS232 signal ground. If the ISP is grounded when the ViVOpay Kiosk II powers on, it enters download mode. Otherwise it will operate normally, emitting a beep and flashing LEDs when powered on.

If you want to build your own download cable, the pin outs to the external connector are given in

Connecting to the Data Port . After you have entered download mode, you must

erase the current firmware and install the new firmware.


To install the new firmware you will need:

 PC with available serial or USB port

 ViVOpay Kiosk II with a serial or USB data cable attached

 For serial downloads: 220-1275-00 Download Dongle (DB-9 serial to RJ45)

 Philips LPC2000 Flash Utility software

 Firmware file for the desired firmware (contact

[email protected]


 Power supply for the ViVOpay reader (7.5- 36 VDC; 3 Watts output).

Load the ViVOpay Kiosk Firmware

1. Install the LPC2000 flash utility program on the PC.

2. Copy the ViVOpay Kiosk II firmware on the PC.

3. Connect the download dongle (220-1275-00) to the PC COM port and plug in the

220-2374-00 cable from ViVOpay Kiosk II to the dongle.

4. Connect the power to the ViVOpay reader. There should be no beep, and no LED activity.

5. Launch the Philips LPC2000 utility. If the Philips utility fails to identify any reader

attached, please follow the troubleshooting steps given in Troubleshooting .

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7. The COM port is normally set to 1 but this depends upon your PC Device Manager setup. You can select the COM port to which the cable is connected by navigating to the Windows Device Manager (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System ->

Hardware -> Device Manager -> Ports) to verify the actual port number that is assigned to the serial port. Press ENTER after making the selection. the reader is responding to the utility.

Note: If the reader does NOT respond to the utility, reset the reader by unplugging and replugging the power connector and try again. successful erase.

10. Click Blank Check (with Entire Device selected) to confirm that the erase function worked properly.

11. In the Flash Programming box, click the “…” box to select the firmware file you want to load on the ViVOpay Kiosk II.

12. Click Upload to Flash to load the firmware on the reader (the % completion bar shows the firmware loading progress).

13. Disconnect power and the serial dongle.

14. Connect power to the Kiosk II and connect the standard data cable. It will load the new firmware application.

USB Firmware Download

The download process over the USB interface is performed with the bootloader commands presented in the Serial Interface Developer’s Guide. For a copy of the Serial

Interface Developers Guide contact ID TECH or your ID TECH representative.

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