Introduction. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Introduction. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Chapter 1: Overview & Setup


The Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, is designed specifically for recording and playback of High

Definition Television (HDTV). The DVR connects to a Digital Television (DTV) via DTVLink® (IEEE

1394) to offer control over digital video playback. Think of it as a “tape-less” digital VCR for digital television. You can pause, fast forward, reverse, or use instant replay, so you’ll never miss a moment. But unlike a traditional VCR where you wait for a program to finish recording before you start watching it, the DVR allows you to “Pause Live TV.” This means you can pause, rewind, and play back a digital program as it is being recorded without losing any of the recording.

Record all of your favorite digital programs while maintaining the same high quality digital picture that it was broadcast in.

The DVR is sometimes referred to as an Audio Video Hard Drive (AVHD).


Digital Television with at least one IEEE 1394 jack and support of Audio/Video commands (AV/C)

List of Contents

• DVR Unit

• A/C Power Cord

• IEEE 1394 Cable

• User's Guide

Device Description

DVR Front

The front of the DVR has a clean professional look to coincide with your other high-end audio/ video equipment. It has backlit text display to indicate the status of the unit.

• POWER – illuminated when the unit is plugged in to an AC power source.

• PLAY – illuminated when a previously recorded program is being played back.

• RECORD – illuminated while a new program is being recorded for future playback.

Note: The DVR can record and play back different programs at the same time or can play back the program currently being recorded. During these instances, both the RECORD and PLAY lights are illuminated.

DTVLink® Certification Logo is a U.S. registered mark of CEA.

Chapter 1

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