DVR Back. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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DVR Back. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Overview & Setup

DVR Back

The back of the DVR has two 6-pin DTVLink® or IEEE 1394 ports and an A/C power cord connector.

Devices using IEEE 1394 interface can be connected to either port. Devices certified as DTVLink use the same IEEE 1394 interface but also include advanced copy protection schemes to send and receive encrypted or copy protected content.

Overview & Setup

DTVLink (1394) Ports

AC Power Cord Connector

Things to Consider Before You Connect

Ensure Proper Ventilation of the DVR:

• Leave at least 4 inches (10 cm) of space between the top and back of the DVR and a wall, shelf, or other component.

• Leave at least 1” (2.5 cm) of space on the front and sides.

• Do not block ventilation holes on any of the components.

• Arrange the components so that air can circulate freely.

• Do not stack components on top of the DVR.

• When you place components in a stand, make sure you allow adequate ventilation.

• If you connect an audio receiver or amplifier, place it on the top shelf so the heated air from it won’t flow around other components.

Note: The DVR uses an internal fan to ensure proper cooling of the electrical circuits and the AV hard drive.

Upon startup, the fan will briefly run at 100% and then quickly slow down to the minimal speed required to cool the unit.

DVR Front View

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DVR Top View

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Chapter 1

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