Incorrect Hub Connection. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Incorrect Hub Connection. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Overview & Setup Overview & Setup

Incorrect Hub Connection

Some IEEE 1394 devices have more than two ports. These devices can act as a hub allowing you to branch out the 1394 chain. This provides increased flexibility in the device location and cable routing of additional 1394 devices. Ensure that you do not connect to a device already in the

1394 chain. There should be only one path between any two devices.

Don't Loop Connections

When Connecting Other IEEE 1394 Devices

• No two 1394 components should have more than one connection path between them. Do not loop the last device in the chain back to the TV. If the component chain is connected in a loop, the TV may not be able to work with any of the other devices.

• Place devices that have only a mechanical (two-position) power switch at the end of the chain or leave the power switch in the ON position. When turned OFF, IEEE 1394 signals may not be able to pass through the device to other devices.

• If a device only has one 1394 port, place it at the end of the 1394 chain.

• Place the slower components at the end of the chain and the faster ones closest to the TV in the chain for faster communication speed. See component's guide for 1394 network speed.

• Do not use an IEEE 1394 cable longer than 15 feet between each device or from device to the


Adding IEEE 1394 Devices Automatically

When an IEEE 1394 device is connected into the TV network and is powered ON, the new device may automatically be recognized by the TV. This is called “device discovery” and can take up to

1 minute. Some non-audio/video or non-compatible IEEE 1394 devices, such as Personal

Computers (PCs), may not announce their presence to the TV. The TV does not show these devices in the input list, however, they may still be available to other devices on the IEEE 1394 network that are compatible with these non-audio/video devices.

DVR Device Configuration

Once connected, the following outlines how to configure and use the DVR with some RCA HDTVs.

If you are using the DVR with other DTVLink enabled televisions, consult your TV Owner’s Manual for Audio/Video Hard Drive (AVHD) configuration and use.

Chapter 1

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