Using the DVR. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Using the DVR. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Chapter 2: Using the DVR

Using the DVR

Controlling Live TV

The DVR gives you the power to watch television the way you have always wanted. You can watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. You can also control what you are watching like never before.

Whether it’s the big game, that classic movie, or your favorite soap, you’re in control if you select

Level 3 for the DVR. Then the digital program begins recording to your DVR and enables you to

Stop, Pause, or even Rewind the digital program that you are watching. Press the Left Arrow for an Instant Replay of the last 7 seconds or the Right Arrow to Jump Ahead 30 seconds. Press OK to go to "live" and catch back up with the current action.

You can even Pause the program to answer the phone without missing one minute. Just press

PLAY to begin right where you left off or press OK to go back to "live." You can use the Jump

Ahead feature (right arrow) or Fast Forward to catch up to the “live broadcast.”

Pausing Live TV and Recorded Shows (Level 2 or 3)

The Pause feature lets you attend to interruptions without missing a moment of your favorite digital-TV show. You can pause whatever you’re watching, whether it’s a live television broadcast you’re currently recording or a previously recorded show. When you Pause a live broadcast, the

DVR continues to record so you won’t miss a single moment.

Transport Functions

Transport Functions are commands that most people are familiar with from using a standard

VCR. They include: RECORD, STOP, FORWARD, REVERSE, PAUSE, and PLAY. Pressing the transport buttons on the remote control causes the DVR to act like a Digital VCR with a few bonus features.

When the TV is tuned to a DTVLink device, the commands are sent to that DTVLink device.

RECORD (Level 2 or 3) (not using TV's on-screen guide)

If the TV is set up to auto tune as previously described, pressing RECORD automatically tunes the

TV to the DVR’s DTVLink input and begins recording.

Note: If you use the TV's on-screen guide, highlight the digital show in the Listings that you want to record, press

RECORD. The recording automatically stops when the show is scheduled to end.

STOP (not using TV's on-screen guide)

Pressing STOP during a recording ends the recording process. If a STOP command is issued when recording and playing back simultaneously, the TV stops the recording, but keeps the playback going. Pressing STOP again will stop the playback.

Chapter 2

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