Fast FORWARD and Fast REVERSE Playback. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Fast FORWARD and Fast REVERSE Playback. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz




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Using the DVR

Fast FORWARD and Fast REVERSE Playback

The DVR gives you the power to Fast Forward or Fast Reverse through both live (currently recording) and previously recorded programs. You cannot Fast Reverse a program to a point


before you started recording it, nor can you Fast Forward a program to a point beyond the live broadcast.

To use Fast Forward while watching a show:

1. Press FORWARD for 3x Fast Forward.

2. Press FORWARD again for 15x Fast Forward.

3. Press FORWARD again for 60x Fast Forward.

4. Press PLAY or STOP, to stop Fast Forwarding.



Note: Pressing REVERSE from 60x Fast Forward takes you to 15x Fast

Forward and so forth.

To use Fast Reverse while watching a show:

1. Press REVERSE for 3x reverse playback.

2. Press REVERSE again for 15x Reverse playback.

3. Press REVERSE again for 60x Reverse playback.

4. Press PLAY or STOP to stop Reverse playback.

Note: The appearance of your TV remote may vary.

Note: Pressing FORWARD from 60x Reverse takes you to 15x Reverse and so forth.

When using FORWARD to advance through a recording or track, the DVR moves through that recording until it reaches the end of the recording and stops. The same applies to REVERSE, but it takes you to the beginning of the recording.

PAUSE, Frame Advance, and Multi-speed Slow Motion

Press PAUSE to pause the screen during the watching and/or recording of live programs and playback of previously recorded programs. If PAUSE is pressed during a recording, the TV pauses the playback but keeps the recording going.

Frame advance and multi-speed slow motion are used in conjunction with PAUSE. Press the

PAUSE button repeatedly for a frame-by-frame advance. Press the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons for slow motion playback.

To use Pause, Frame Advance and Multi-speed Slow Motion while watching a show:

1. Press PAUSE to pause the screen.

2. Press and hold PAUSE (or press PAUSE repeatedly) to advance a single frame at a time.

3. Press FORWARD or REVERSE for 1/8 speed normal speed slow motion

4. Press FORWARD or REVERSE again for 1/4 speed normal speed slow motion.

5. Press FORWARD or REVERSE again for 1/2 peed normal speed slow motion.

6. Press FORWARD or REVERSE again or PLAY at any time for normal speed playback.

Other Pause options include:

• Press INFO to view program information.

• Press CLEAR to remove the on-screen display.

Note: If a program has been paused for more than a few minutes, a screen saver appears to prevent damage to TVs that are susceptible to screen burn, like TV's that have picture tubes or CRT-based projection screens.

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Using the DVR

Chapter 2

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