Instance Replay and Jump Ahead. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Instance Replay and Jump Ahead. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Using the DVR

Using the DVR

Instant Replay and Jump Ahead

You only look away for a few seconds but you know you missed something big. Maybe it was just too great of a moment to only see once. The Instant Replay feature lets you jump back 7 seconds during a live or recorded show. It’s the perfect way to ensure you don’t miss a single word of dialog in your favorite movie, or if you want to watch a great play over again.

You can use the Jump Ahead feature to quickly skip 30 seconds ahead during delayed or recorded shows. Jump Ahead is perfect for jumping past programs and undesired scenes without having to watch them as you would using Fast Forward.

To use Instant Replay while watching a live or recorded show:

• Press Left Arrow on the TV’s remote control to replay the previous 7 seconds in the recording.

• Press repeatedly to leap back in 7-second intervals.

To use Jump Ahead while watching a recorded or delayed show:

• Press Right Arrow on the TV’s remote control to jump ahead 30 seconds into a recording.

• Press repeatedly to leap ahead in 30-second intervals.

Next and Previous Track (Program)

Next and Previous Track features allow you to jump quickly to the next or previously recorded program on the DVR. Press the Up

Arrow to skip to the next track. Press the Down Arrow to skip to the previous track. The track being played and the total number of tracks recorded is shown in the channel banner when the track is changed. (See below.)

Note: Use CH+/CH- to tune to different subchannels (if available) on each track/program.

Deleting Recorded Programs (Tracks)

When the digital video recorder's hard drive is full, a message appears on screen. In order to be able to record additional content on the recorder, you must delete some of the recorded information. Some TVs that do not have a Recording list use the CLEAR button to delete the track that is presently being played. A yes/no confirmation screen may appear.

To delete a track/program:

1. Press MENU.

2. Highlight Recording menu and press OK.

3. Use arrows to highlight the program you want to delete.

4. Press OK.

5. Select Delete from the on-screen display.

6. Select Yes from the on-screen display.

7. Repeat the process described above to delete additional tracks.

Chapter 2

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