Status Bar. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Status Bar. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Using the DVR

Status Bar

The TV's status bar provides on-screen feedback when watching, recording, and playing back programs on the DVR. The left side of the bar displays the time when the recording is started. The right side of the bar displays the current time as well as representing "live" time. If you play back a recorded program, the left side begins at 00:00:00 and the right side shows the total program duration in HH:MM:SS.

You will notice that the bar color changes from

Yellow to Red when a recording is started. Icons for PAUSE, FWD, REV, PLAY, RECORD, STOP, LIVE, INSTANT REPLAY, and JUMP AHEAD appear when a transport button is pressed. If you want to see the status bar, just press the INFO button when tuned to the DVR.

Using the DVR

Program Information (TV's Channel Banner)

At any time while recording a digital program or playing back a recorded program, you can press the INFO button on your remote control to get more information from the channel banner. The program name, channel, track number, DTVLink recording device, and elapsed time for DTVLink recordings appear in the channel banner.

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If an icon in the channel banner is grayed out (dim), the feature is not available. The following list describes the items on the Channel Banner screen applicable to the DVR. Other displays that are not described here are self-explanatory or further explained in the television user's guide.

Subchannel - Sub-channel and the station call letters, if available. For the different sub-channels, press the CH+ or CH- buttons.

Note: Digital channels are often noted by the use of a sub-channel. (Channel 2 may denote an analog channel while channel 2-1 is often a digital version of the channel 2 broadcast.)

Track – Displays the total number of recorded programs or tracks on the DVR and which track is currently being displayed. Press the Up/Down Arrow buttons to scroll through the track numbers (recordings) recorded on the DVR.

DTVLink - DVR model is listed when playing from the device.

16:9 1080i HD - Aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9); original resolution of the broadcast (e.g., 480i,

1080i, etc.), not the resolution of the TV; HD denotes High Definition and SD denotes Standard

Definition digital broadcasts; screen format (for example, Normal, Zoom, etc.)

00h:00m:00s of 00h:00m:00s – Denotes the present location within the total recorded time of a program or track.

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Chapter 2

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