Troubleshooting. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080

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Troubleshooting. RCA DVR2160, DVR2080 | Manualzz

Chapter 3: Other Information


DVR won’t work

• Try unplugging the AC power cord and plugging it back in at both ends.

• Make sure the DVR is connected and cables are seated properly.

• If the unit doesn’t appear on the TV or set-top box screen, unplug the 1394 cable (DTVLink) and reconnect.

• Make sure TV is tuned to the DVR video input.

Program(s) not recorded

• Make sure you have selected a digital channel; the DVR does not record analog channels.

• If the channel is changed when the DVR is recording, the DTV may stop sending the program and the recording process ends.

• Check the timed recording in the Record/Wake Timer screen on the TV to make sure the correct channel and tuner were selected. Also, check listing in TV's built-in on-screen guide, if available.

• When playing back a recorded sub-channel, you might have to channel through the subchannels to get to the sub-channel you recorded. Press CH+ or CH-.

DVR Too Hot

• If the DVR is currently “playing” content and senses an over temperature condition, it will display a warning. The DVR has built-in sensors that monitor the unit's temperature.

Extremely high temperatures adversely affect the unit's longevity and may affect its ability to effectively record and play digital content.

• All front panel LEDs flash on and off to indicate an over temp condition. Disconnect the 1394 and power cables and move the unit to cooler location. When the unit has been allowed to cool, plug in the power cord to power up the unit. Once the DVR is powered up, connect the

1394 cable to the television.

DTVLink Component No Longer Connected

If a non-correctable error has occurred or the power or 1394 cable has been disconnected, the following message appears: “A DTVLink component is no longer connected to the network. If this was unintentional, please check your connections.”

• Press OK to clear screen.

• Check all cables to make sure they’re connected and firmly seated.

• If all cables are firmly attached, disconnect the 1394 cable, wait 10 seconds, and reconnect.

This will re-initialize the DVR on the 1394 network.

TV and/or DVR is not responding to commands

If the TV and/or DVR is not responding to commands, try one of the solutions below:

• Try changing channels.

• Turn off the TV and then turn it back on.

• If you have an RCA HDTV, try simultaneously pressing the POWER and CHANNEL DOWN buttons on the front of the TV for a few (5-7) seconds to perform a "soft reset."

• Unplug the TV and/or the DVR and wait for one minute, then plug it back in.

• Put remote into TV mode.

• Replace the batteries of the remote.

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Other Information

Chapter 3

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