1.0 INTRODUCTION. MicroMod 53MC5000

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1.0 INTRODUCTION. MicroMod 53MC5000 | Manualzz



This section provides general instructions for configuring the 53MC5000 Modular Controller for operation, and the information necessary for a quick and easy set-up of the CS-1 Standard PID and

CS-20 Two Loop controller. For special configuration or other Control Strategy types, refer to the

53MC5000 Instruction Manual.

The 53MC5000 controller’s functionality is controlled by the instrument’s Function Index (FIX). The available FIXs are described below. The FIX is set by means of database parameter B00. As described in Section 4.0, when shipped from the factory the Flexible Control Strategy, FIX 1, is enabled. The basic FIX 1 control strategy, CS1 described in Section 4.0, is a Single Loop PID

Controller. If this control strategy meets your needs, your controller is ready to use as received. If, however, minor changes are required such as enabling remote setpoint or characterizing the PV input, follow the instructions provided in Section 4.1 for making these minor modifications. (Note that all changes made to parameters must be made using one of the methods described in Section


Instructions for transforming the single-loop Flexible Control Strategy into a direct digital controller, flow ratio controller, automatic/manual station, or ratio automatic/manual station are provided in the

53MC5000 Instruction Bulletin.

All FIXs are executed in a common environment of input, output and general modules. Each control strategy mentioned above may be further modified by taking advantage of the standard modules described in Section 3.5. Customizing the FIX 1 Control Strategy by changing the modules is described in Section 4.4 of Instruction Bulletin 53MC5000.

If a greater degree of customization is desired, the extended version of the 53MC5000 allows designing of a user-defined control strategy using F-CIM function blocks as described in the

53MC5000 Customization Guide. For the ultimate degree of customization, F-TRAN, also described in the Customization Guide, can be used with the extended version of the controller.

The available FIXs are:

FIX 0 - Suspend Control

The control program stops,inputs continue to be measured, and Totalizers and Trends continue to update. Outputs reflect the contents of their associated datapoints. The display will always show the Fischer & Porter logo.

FIX 1 - Flexible Control Strategy (FCS)

The FIX 1 control algorithm executes a set of function modules in a fixed sequence. The inputs of each module can be connected to the output of any other module simply by configuring the appropriate database parameter (soft wiring). Various pre-configured wirelists are contained within the unit and each is referred to as a control strategy (CS). Two of the available control strategies are explained in the subsequent section. All of the control strategies are defined in Section 4 of Instruction Bulletin 53MC5000. The controller is shipped with FCS active, FIX = 1, and the standard single loop control strategy CS = 1 enabled.



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