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FIX 97 - Display Test

FIX 97 causes a series of three test patterns to appear on the display. One pattern lights the dots around the outer edge of the display. A second pattern lights the even numbered dots. The third pattern lights the odd numbered dots. The control program stops but the database is not disturbed..

FIX 98 - Default Database

The database of the controller can be set to a predetermined condition by setting B00 to 98. This causes the entire database except for the analog I/O calibration constants, the FCS wirelist, and some text strings ("A" data types) to be set to default values. After this operation, the controller returns to FIX 0. See the tables in Section 7 of Instruction Bulletin 53MC5000 for the default values of each parameter.

The Extended Functionality version of the Controller allows additional customization through the use of F-CIM function block programming and F-TRAN programming.

FIX 99 - F-CIM Programming

If a control strategy is needed that can not be accomplished by use of the FCS algorithm, the F-

CIM configuration method can be used. F-CIM allows the soft wiring as in the FCS algorithm and also allows the use of additional modules and user specified sequencing of the modules. Each module constitutes a step and the entire sequence can be 100 steps long. A large library of modules is available. Many of these are reusable, that is, they can be used as many times as necessary.

FIX 99 is ignored unless the Controller is of the Extended Functionality version which allows additional customization through the use of F-TRAN.

For the ultimate in flexibility and performance, custom control strategies can be implemented using the F-TRAN Programming language. It is also possible to create custom modules using the

F-TRAN programing language discussed in the 53MC5000 Customization Guide.

Using the Extended Functionality Option also permits the development of customized controller strategies and displays using the F-TRAN language. The development and loading of F-TRAN programs can be performed using the MicroMod Automation Micro-Tools product.



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