3.4 DATABASE MODULES. MicroMod 53MC5000

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The 53MC5000’s dot matrix display provides unequalled capability for presentation of information to the user. The default CS1 FCS configuration includes five displays as described below. The user can easily incorporate additional displays if desired as described in Section 4.2 of the Instruction

Bulletin 53MC5000 .

The standard display list includes:

Single Loop Display (CON0) - The loop PV is displayed in digital and bargraph form

(in engineering units) with a SP arrow. Alarm limits are displayed as ticks on the

PV. When in alarm condition, the alarm line will flash. The PV bargraph is displayed with a scale including the minimum and maximum range values. The OP is shown as a horizontal bargraph with a digital display of output percent.

Auto/Manual and Remote/Local mode indications are displayed at the bottom of the screen).

Single Loop with Trend display (CON0) - This display provides digital indication of the PV, SP and OP associated with the loop, but adds a 40-value process variable trend. The sample rate of the trend is defaulted every 2 seconds. Sample rate may be changed by setting B336 equal to the desired sample rate in seconds.

Acceptable values of B336 are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60 seconds. Any other value will be reduced to the closest of these values.

Parameter display (PID parameters - Displays the tuning parameters for the loop;

Proportional Band, Reset Time, and Derivative time. Values may be changed by an operator as follows:

1. Use the Up/Down (SP) arrows to position the cursor at the value to be changed. Press F3 to select.

2. Use the Increase/Decrease (OP) arrows to move the value to the digit to be changed. Use the Up/Down (SP) arrows to page through the list of alphanumerics.

3. When the number on the screen is correct, press F3 to enter the number.

Parameter display (Alarm limits) - Displays the alarm parameters for the loop;

Alarm Limit #1 (HI), Alarm Limit #2 (LO), and the Alarm Deadband. Values may be changed as described above.

System status - This displays the control strategy (FCS=1), the control strategy scan rate (3 = 150 ms), control strategy overruns, the display scan rate (1 = same as Control Strategy Scan Rate), the display overruns, and the instrument address




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