Certification Report: 0362a

Certification Report: 0362a

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Annex A: Evaluation results regarding development and production environment D-3


Certification Report BSI-DSZ-CC-0362-2006


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Annex A of Certification Report BSI-DSZ-CC-0362-2006

Evaluation results regarding development and production environment

The IT products TCOS Passport Version 1.0 Release 2 / P5CD072V0Q and

TCOS Passport Version 1.0 Release 2 / SLE66CLX641P/m1522-a12 (Target of

Evaluation, TOE) have been evaluated at an accredited and licensed/ approved evaluation facility using the Common Methodology for IT Security Evaluation,

Part 1 Version 0.6, Part 2 Version 1.0, extended by advice of the Certification

Body for components beyond EAL4 and smart card specific guidance, for conformance to the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation, Version 2.1

(ISO/IEC15408: 1999) and including final interpretations for compliance with

Common Criteria Version 2.2 and Common Methodology Part 2, Version 2.2.

As a result of the TOE certification, dated 31. March 2006, the following results regarding the development and production environment apply. The Common

Criteria assurance requirements

• ACM – Configuration management (i.e. ACM_AUT.1, ACM_CAP.4,


• ADO – Delivery and operation (i.e. ADO_DEL.2, ADO_IGS.1) and

• ALC – Life cycle support (i.e. ALC_DVS.2, ALC_LCD.1, ALC_TAT.1), are fulfilled for the development and production sites of the TOE listed below:

• T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH, SSC Testfactory & Security, Untere

Industriestr. 20, 57250 Netphen, Germany (embedded software development).

• Bundesdruckerei, Oranienstrass 91, 10958 Berlin, Germany (TOE

Completion, Initialisation and Pass Production).

• Security Printing And System Limited (SPSL), Gorse Street, Chadderton,

Oldham OL9 9QH, United Kingdom (TOE Completion, Initialisation and Pass


Note: The personalisation process at SPSL and the Bundesdruckerei was not part of the evaluation.

• Sokymat GmbH, In den Weiden 4 B, 99099 Erfurt, Germany (TOE

Completion and Initialisation).

For development and productions sites regarding the Philips chip P5CD072V0Q refer to the certification report BSI-DSZ-CC-0349-2006 and regarding the


Certification Report BSI-DSZ-CC-0362-2006

Infineon chip SLE66CLX641P refer to the certification report BSI-DSZ-CC-


For the sites listed above, the requirements have been specifically applied in accordance with the Security Target (T-Systems, Specification of the Security

Target TCOS Passport Version 1.0 Release 2, 16.01.2006, Version: 1.02, BSI-

DSZ-CC-0362-2006 [6]). The evaluators verified, that the requirements for the

TOE life cycle phases up to delivery (as stated in the Security Target [6]) are fulfilled by the procedures of these sites.


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