Design Philosophy. Plinius SB-301 Power Amplifier

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Design Philosophy. Plinius SB-301 Power Amplifier | Manualzz

Design Philosophy

From a distance you can see that the design of the Plinius products is more than an applied styling exercise to the front panel. We have started from the ground up to produce a casing for our electronics that is unrivalled in its physical strength and visual simplicity.

Wherever possible we have reduced the number of parts needed and then invested massively in refining and producing the remaining parts to the highest quality achievable with state of the art computer controlled machines allied with expert craftsman. Examples of this approach include the hydraulically formed corners on the amplifiers giving much greater strength and the one piece housing for the remote control that looks, feels and genuinely is robust.

As with music that you are not familiar with, truly innovative new designs can take time to understand and enjoy. How often have you heard music that you were first unsure of, that over repeated listening, has become a firm favourite?

Our designs are fundamentally different to many other companies, and we hope that you will take the time to explore their unique character and qualities because we have not made them different simply to be different. We genuinely believe that their visual and tactile qualities do improve the experience of listening to music and that is our design goal!

Ross Stevens




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