Care & Maintenance. Plinius SB-301 Power Amplifier

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Care & Maintenance. Plinius SB-301 Power Amplifier | Manualzz

Care & Maintenance

With simple care and maintenance your Plinius product can be kept looking and operating like new for many years to come.


Exposed connectors such as the RCA connectors will be subject to environmental factors, and over time the surface may degrade. This can be greatly reduced by fitting readily available ‘RCA caps’ to reduce the effects of environmental elements on the RCA connectors. These RCA caps or RCA shorting caps can also provide sonic benefits.

Connector cleaning products are also available to clean the RCA and cable connectors and frequent checks and cleaning will help maintain a good signal connection.

NOTE: Do not use RCA shorting caps on output connectors or power amplifier input connectors. Use RCA shorting caps on unused preamplifier stage input connectors only.

Standard RCA shielding caps can be used on any unused input or output connectors.


Switches should be maintained by using each various switch setting periodically.

Even if a switch or a switch setting is not used, it is a good idea to toggle small switches and turn rotary switches though the full range of the switch several times in succession to keep the contacts active. Performing this simple action will promote longevity of the switch contacts.


From time to time you may wish to clean the surface of your Plinius equipment to remove dust, or any material build up from the atmosphere or on commonly used controls. Your Plinius product is made up of parts that have a hard anodised or a powder coat finish and will clean easily without being damaged.

Cleaning should be carried out using a soft cleaning cloth, dry or with either a small amount of water or a very mild surface cleaner, while observing the following guidelines:

• As a safety precaution, always switch the equipment off prior to cleaning

• Always use a cloth that is soft and clean

• Never use abrasives or polishing compounds anywhere on the unit

• Never apply liquid directly to the surface of the unit

• Use the cloth dry or with mild surface cleaners of either liquid or foaming type

• Apply only small amounts of cleaner to the cloth

• DO NOT rub the surface but wipe clean only. Excessive rubbing may dull powder coat or wear the screen printed text.



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