Loudspeaker Selection. Plinius SB-301 Power Amplifier

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Loudspeaker Selection. Plinius SB-301 Power Amplifier | Manualzz

Loudspeaker Selection

Your Plinius SB-301 MKII Power Amplifier is designed for use with high fidelity loudspeakers. It should not be used to operate any other type of appliance or equipment.

Be certain that your loudspeakers can handle most of the rated output power of this amplifier. You may find loudspeaker specifications confusing or misleading, so you should discuss this with your audio dealer prior to purchase. As a general rule, the use of high power (200 Watt RMS or greater) loudspeakers is recommended and desirable. However, our experience indicates that medium to low power loudspeakers

(100 to 200 Watt RMS) are quite often suitable for use on this amplifier, provided the volume is maintained at a level where no distortion is audible.

Impedance of the loudspeaker load is important to ensure the rated performance of this amplifier. If you have doubts about the impedance of your loudspeaker configuration, we recommend you speak to your Plinius dealer.



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