Mitel MCD 5330 and 5340 User Guide for 3300

Mitel MCD 5330 and 5340 User Guide for 3300

5330/5340 IP Phones – User Guide


About the PC Companion Application

The PC Companion Application is a PC-based desktop programming tool that allows you to easily program your phone keys and label those keys using your PC. You can also use the PC

Companion Application to program your feature keys to launch phone or PC applications, open

PC documents like a Microsoft Word document, or navigate to a URL directly using your browser.

Configuring the PC Companion Application on Your Phone

Use this procedure to connect your phone to the PC. This procedure is normally required only once. When your PC and phone have successfully associated the first time, your settings are saved and reused for each subsequent connection.

1. Press Settings or , then select PC Connectivity.

The phone's IP Address appears on the display:

IP Address for PC: AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD

2. Record the IP address, if desired, or repeat Step 1 when you need to view the IP address.

3. Still in the PC Connectivity window, select Enable.

4. Select Edit password and enter the password that will be used to set up the association with the PC application. You can also choose to use the default password. Record this password as you will need it to configure the PC application.

5. Proceed to Installing the PC Companion Application below.

Installing the PC Companion Application

Use this procedure to install the PC Companion Application software.

1. Determine the installation directory from which to install the PC Companion Application.

For example, this may be a CD-ROM or a network directory. Contact your System

Administrator if you have any questions.

2. Shut down all other applications before installing the PC Companion Application.

3. From the installation directory, double-click Setup.exe.

4. If there is a previous installation of the PC Companion Application on your PC, the installer indicates that you should remove it first. Use the Add or Remove Programs in

Control Panel, and scroll to Mitel 5330 5340 PC Companion Application, select it, and click on Remove. When this is completed, double click Setup.exe again.

5. Follow the instructions in the installation program.


5330/5340 IP Phones – User Guide

6. To launch the PC Companion Application, click the Windows Start menu and navigate to

Mitel -> Mitel 5330 5340 PC Companion Application.

7. In the PC Companion application, do the following: a) Select PC Connectivity from the menu on the left. b) Enter the IP Address field you recorded in Step 2 in Configuring the PC Companion on Your Phone .

c) Enter the password you selected in Step 4 in Configuring the PC Companionon Your

Phone or use the default password.

8. Click Connect.

The PC Companion Application connects with the 5330/5340 IP phone.


• The PC Companion application is started every time you log in or your PC is restarted.

• If your PC Companion Application is not connecting to your phone (for example, if your programmed feature Keys are disabled or you receive an error message upon start-up), contact your administrator.

• To ensure that the PC Companion Application displays properly, verify that your screen meets the minimum VGA screen requirements documented in the Installation Guide.

Opening the PC Companion Application

You can open the PC Companion Application in one of the following ways:

• Double-click the Tool tray icon (

) or desktop shortcut icon ( ).

• Select your Windows Start menu, select Programs, then Mitel, then PC Companion


• From your phone’s default Phone window, press Applications, then press Launch PC


• Press the PC App programmed feature key (if available) from your phone’s default

Phone window.


5330/5340 IP Phones – User Guide

Programming Feature Keys Using the PC Companion Application

1. Select Programmable Keys from the menu, and then click the desired key.

2. Program a phone feature, phone applications, or PC application:

To program a Phone Feature:

• Select Telephone Feature from the Feature list.

• Select the desired feature and then enter the required information in the fields provided.

To program a Phone Application:

• Select the application from the Feature list.

To program a PC Application:

• Select the desired PC application from the Feature list and then enter the required information in the fields provided.

3. Click Save.


• To program a Call Forwarding feature key, you must use the Call Forwarding application. See Call Forward for programming instructions.

• In the Programmable Keys dialog, select Clear this Key if you make a mistake or if you wish to start over (that is, clear all entered data) when programming a key.

• If your administrator has programmed the keys using an external program, then you may not be able to modify the key programming. If the Clear option is not available on the pop-up menu when you right-click a key, or if the Save button is disabled in the

Programmable Keys dialog, contact your administrator to see if you have the option to program your keys.

• To ensure that the Open URL feature key launches in a new window (instead of launching in an already open window), you may need to configure your Internet browser settings not to reuse open browser windows. For example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you select Tools followed by Internet Options, click the Advanced tab, and then ensure that the Reuse windows for launching shortcuts option is not selected. Refer to your browser help files for detailed procedures.


5330/5340 IP Phones – User Guide

Clearing, Editing or Copying Key Programming

1. Select Programmable Keys from the menu.

2. Right-click the key you want to clear, edit, or copy.

3. Do one of the following:

• Select Clear. Re-program the key, if desired.

• Select Edit…, reprogram the key as desired, and then click Save.

• Select Copy, right-click the key you wish to paste programming information to, and then select Paste.

Note: You must enter a new label when changing key programming. If you do not enter a new label, the Label field displays the label that applied to the previous programmed key.


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