RM-DS-1 User Guide


Installation Instructions

This section will introduce you how to mount the DS1000 series Oscilloscope into a standard 19-inch machine cabinet.

Installation Tools

Table 2 Installation Tools List

NO. Name

1 Phillips screwdriver


PH2 Phillips screwdriver



Only authorized personnel can perform the installation, improper operation may cause damage to the instrument or incorrect installation.

Installation Procedures

1. Install the left and right plate: aim the detents of both right and left plate at the openings on support board and insert selectively, then fix them using four M4 bolts.

Figure 4: Installation of Left and Right Plate

Installation Guide for RM-DS-1 Rackmount Kit 5


2. Mount front panel: aim the opening of front panel at left and right plate-fixed and fix them using six M4 bolts.

Figure 5: Installation of Front Panel

3. Place the instrument: first, put the instrument onto the support board and then generally slide it into right position down the baby hem on either side, exposing the front of instrument from the opening of front panel.

Figure 6: Place the Instrument

Installation Guide for RM-DS-1 Rackmount Kit 6


4. Fix the instrument: first, put by the hanging ring to avoid blocking out the rear fixed belt, then, using six M4 bolts to fix both the rear fixed brackets and rear fixed belt on the support board in connection with the instrument.

Figure 7: Fix the instrument

5. Loading into machine cabinet: mount the rack with instrument-fixed onto a standard 19-inch machine cabinet respectively using 4 M6 bolts and square nuts and then put the hanging ring back in position.

Figure 8: Loading into machine cabinet

Installation Guide for RM-DS-1 Rackmount Kit 7



1. The rack holds a height of 4U, and the holes those in compliance with the arrow direction are the mounting holes for rack.

2. The rack has a power cord that was connected with the power input terminal and the power

source terminal in series. A ship type switch is used to turn ON or OFF the instrument once the power switch above the instrument has been pressed down.

Figure 9: Holes for rack

Power input

Ship type switch

Power source

Figure 10: Power Cord Connection of Rack

Installation Guide for RM-DS-1 Rackmount Kit 8

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