Software updates. HP G62-340, G62-372US, G62-b00 Notebook PC series, PRESARIO CQ62-200SL, CQ62-410US, PRESARIO CQ62-a10ER, G62-219WM, CQ62-238DX

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Software updates. HP G62-340, G62-372US, G62-b00 Notebook PC series, PRESARIO CQ62-200SL, CQ62-410US, PRESARIO CQ62-a10ER, G62-219WM, CQ62-238DX | Manualzz

B Software updates

Updated versions of the software provided with your computer may be available on the HP Web site.

Most software and BIOS updates on the HP Web site are packaged in compressed files called


Some download packages contain a file named Readme.txt, which contains information regarding installing and troubleshooting the file.

To update the software, follow these steps:


Identify your computer model, product category, and series or family. Prepare for a system BIOS update by identifying the BIOS version currently installed on the computer.

If your computer is connected to a network, consult the network administrator before installing any software updates, especially system BIOS updates.


The computer system BIOS is stored on the system ROM. The BIOS initializes the operating system, determines how the computer will interact with the hardware devices, and provides for data transfer among hardware devices, including the time and date.


Windows includes the User Account Control feature to improve the security of your computer. You may be prompted for your permission or password for tasks such as installing software, running utilities, or changing Windows settings. Refer to Help and Support for more information.


Access the updates on the HP Web site at



Install the updates.

102 Appendix B Software updates

Updating the BIOS

To update the BIOS, first determine what BIOS version you currently have, and then download and install the new BIOS.

Determining the BIOS version

To determine whether available BIOS updates contain later BIOS versions than those currently installed on the computer, you need to know the version of the system BIOS currently installed.

BIOS version information (also known as ROM date and System BIOS) can be displayed by pressing fn+esc (if you are already in Windows) or by opening Setup Utility.

To use Setup Utility for displaying BIOS information:


Open Setup Utility by turning on or restarting the computer. While the “Press the ESC key for

Startup Menu” message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen, press f10 .


If Setup Utility does not open with the system information displayed, use the arrow keys to select the Main menu.

When the Main menu is selected, BIOS and other system information is displayed.


To exit Setup Utility, use the arrow keys to select Exit > Exit Discarding Changes, and then press enter .

Updating the BIOS 103

Downloading a BIOS update


To prevent damage to the computer or an unsuccessful installation, download and install a BIOS update only when the computer is connected to reliable external power using the AC adapter.

Do not download or install a BIOS update while the computer is running on battery power or connected to an optional power source. During the download and installation, follow these instructions:

Do not disconnect power from the computer by unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet.

Do not shut down the computer or initiate Sleep or Hibernation.

Do not insert, remove, connect, or disconnect any device, cable, or cord.

To download a BIOS update:


Access the page on the HP Web site that provides software for your computer:

Select Start > Help and Support > Maintain > Software Updates.


Follow the instructions on the screen to identify your computer and access the BIOS update you want to download.


At the download area, follow these steps:


Identify the BIOS update that is later than the BIOS version currently installed on your computer. Make a note of the date, name, or other identifier. You may need this information to locate the update later, after it has been downloaded to your hard drive.


Follow the instructions on the screen to download your selection to the hard drive.

Make a note of the path to the location on your hard drive where the BIOS update will be downloaded. You will need to access this path when you are ready to install the update.


If you connect your computer to a network, consult the network administrator before installing any software updates, especially system BIOS updates.

BIOS installation procedures vary. Follow any instructions that are displayed on the screen after the download is complete. If no instructions are displayed, follow these steps:


Open Windows Explorer by selecting Start > Computer.


Double-click your hard drive designation. The hard drive designation is typically Local Disk (C:).


Using the hard drive path you recorded earlier, open the folder on your hard drive that contains the update.


Double-click the file that has an .exe extension (for example, filename.exe).

The BIOS installation begins.


Complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen.

The system automatically shuts down after the BIOS has successfully updated.


After a message on the screen reports a successful installation, you can delete the downloaded file from your hard drive.

104 Appendix B Software updates

Updating programs and drivers

To download and install software other than a BIOS update, follow these steps:

To use the HP Web site:


Open your web browser, go to , and then select your country or region.


Click the option for software and driver downloads, enter your computer model number in the

Search box, and then press enter .

– or –

If you want a specific SoftPaq, enter the SoftPaq number in the Search box, press enter , and then follow the instructions provided. Proceed to step 6.


Click your specific product from the models listed.


Select your operating system.


When the list of drivers is displayed, click an updated driver to open a window containing additional information.


Click Install now to install the updated driver.


In some locations you may be able to download the driver and install it later. To do this, click Download only to save the file to your computer. When prompted, click Save, and then select a storage location on your hard drive. After the file is downloaded, navigate to the folder where the file was stored, and double-click the file to install.


If prompted to do so, restart your computer after the installation is complete, and then verify the operation of the device.

Updating programs and drivers 105


Key Features

  • Built-in wireless capabilities for easy Internet access
  • Comfortable keyboard and large touchpad for easy typing and navigation
  • Bright display for clear viewing of documents, web pages, and movies
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for connecting to other devices
  • Integrated webcam for video conferencing
  • Long battery life for extended use on the go

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To connect to a wireless network, first make sure that the wireless switch is turned on. Then, click on the network icon in the taskbar and select the network you want to connect to. Enter the network security key if prompted.
How do I use the webcam?
To use the webcam, first make sure that it is turned on. Then, open a video conferencing application such as Skype or Google Hangouts. Select the webcam as the video input device and start your video call.
How do I extend the battery life of my laptop?
To extend the battery life of your laptop, you can do the following: - Adjust the power settings to conserve battery power. - Close any unnecessary programs or applications. - Reduce the screen brightness. - Turn off the wireless switch when not in use.
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